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Easily track any company's email marketing strategy.

Instead of signing up for marketing emails with your personal address, SendView generates special tracking addresses to use instead. Everything sent to those addresses is saved in your SendView inbox and broken down into sender analytics.


Simply add the companies you want to track to your account.

SendView generates a special tracking email address for each one.

Then use that address (instead of your own) to sign up for their emails.

Visual dashboards for every sender.

What they're sending, how, why, and when all at your fingertips.

More than a dozen detailed reports.

Discover exactly how, when, why, and what other brands send.

Pull back the email marketing curtain.

See the details that traditional inboxes simply aren't designed to reveal.


An Inbox Designed for Analysis

SendView isn't designed for reading emails, it's designed for learning from them. For sparking new ideas that take your email marketing to the next level.


Every campaign gets a short, easy-to-share URL.

ESP Identification

See ESP usage on both a brand and individual email level.

Highlighted Source Code

Easily scan through the source code of every campaign.

Content Analysis

Easily tease out content strategies within campaigns.

Toggle Columns On/Off

Don't just see subject line and date, see everything.

SPF/DKIM Visibility

Track sender adoption of deliverability best practices.

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Make your next campaign your best.
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"SendView makes it easy to track clients and competitors email campaigns to gain metrics without flooding your inbox."


"Want to know your competitors' email marketing strategy? SendVIew is for you. Must have tool for online marketing."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? No worries. Send an email to

What does a tracking address look like?
Just like a normal address. Instead of something like your name coming before the @, it's a random, unique string of letters. The system uses a few different domains for the rest, but they look and work just like normal emails.
Will my competitors know I've signed up?
The point of these addresses isn't to be sneaky, but they are anonymous so unless you push out a press release announcing which addresses are yours, they won't know it's you.
Can I get a demo first?
Absolutely, send an email to and let's find a time to chat. SendView is a side project, but I'll do my best to make time for you.
What if I end up hating SendVIew?
Just ask for a refund. Nobody wants to see their hard-earned cash going toward something they loathe, and I don't either.