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Want a one-click link to place in emails or on your website to share content on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit? Use this simple tool to generator share links you can copy-paste in less than 30 seconds.

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Social Share Link Generator FAQs

Q: Where I can I use these social sharing links?

A: These links are primarily used in emails so with a single click you can make it easy for your subscribers to share content on social media, but these share links can also be used on your website, blog posts, or even on other social media sites to encourage sharing of your content by the people who follow you.

Q: Why is this tool free?

A: Our main product, SendView, isn't free and pays the bills. But that means we have the flexibility to build other, simpler tools like this one that email marketers (and other folks) find useful without having the pressure to make money from them.

Q: Why isn't the title showing up in the links I generated?

A: The only social media sites that support passing a title through their sharing links are Twitter/X, Reddit, and Pinterest. The title will not show up for Twitter or Facebook social share links.

Q: Can I generate links for Instagram, Threads, or TikTok?

A: As of now, Instagram, Threads, and TikTok do no have a public share link format that can be used for one click sharing. If these platforms add this feature, we'll add support for these sites to our tool.

Q: Can i add a photo to my social share links?

A: The only site that currently supports passing a photo URL is Pinterest. While the other sites do not allow passing a photo directly, your social media preview image will show in the cards associated with Twitter/X, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These image URLs are stored in the meta tags of your website.

Q: I don't see a "submit" button for the share link generator?

A: Yep, just start typing text and pasting links into the inputs on the left/top side and the links will be automatically gerenated and updated every time you make an edit.

Q: Can I test the share links before I use them?

A: Absolutely, once you start filling out content like URL, text, and image thumbnail for your social media share links a "Test" link will show up just above and to the right of each link so you can test your inputs on Facebook, X, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and LinkedIn before you use each link in a live email. You may want to also test on mobile as well.