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8 Totally Free Email Marketing Tools for You and Your Team

  Gregg Blanchard     May 9, 2024    

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We love building tools for email marketers. SendView was the first one, but we've also built a (growing) collection of free tools as well for folks like you. These tools are totally free to use and cover a long list of use cases including discovering which tech email marketers are using to snagging screenshots of your favorite campaigns.

1) ESP Finder

Just like it sounds, ESP Finder let's you find the ESP behind the marketing emails in your inbox. Just forward the email to a and it will reply with the ESP within about 10 seconds. Whether you're using ESP Finder out of curiosity or you're using it to fill out prospect lists with email tech details for sales outreach, ESP Finder is totally free.

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2) EML Viewer

EML files are notorious for being hard to decipher within a text editor, so we built a little tool that parses out the headers into a cleaner format and decodes the contents into traditional text or HTML formats. You can view all of the details of each line in the headers, you can view the raw email HTML, decoded email HTML, raw plain text, decoded plain text, and even the AMP details if they're using a marketing tool that allows them to use AMP script.

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3) Email Tech Tracker

Curious how many people use dark mode? Sign with DKIM? Use Gmail Annotations? Email Tech Tracker analyzes the high level trends from SendView data to answer those very questions. This free marketing tool allows you to track how many emails each month use various types of email code, tools, or strategy so you can understand if you're one of a few who aren't using a new bit of tech or you're in the majority.

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4) Share Link Generator

Wish you could add one-click social share links to your email campaigns? Our link builder makes it easy whether you want your subscribers to share on X, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Reddit. This tool automatically generates links for each social network as you type in your details and allows you to fill out details for all available fields for each network. Just like the other tools, this one is totally free.

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5) Email Insights

While SendView is perfect for tracking the exact companies you want, our Email Insights tool gives you some high level stats and strategic insights for many of our favorite brands. Want to know how many emails Starlink, Nike, or Papa John's sends? Or what ESP they use? Or what day of the week they usually send emails? This tool can answer those questions and a couple more to give you a little bit of insight into how top brands take advantage of the amazing marketing tool that is email.

Try Email Insights.

6) Mailto Link Generator

We're email people, so while mailto links aren't as popular as they once were we think they're an underappreciated feature of email. So we build a tool to make it easy to create these links. This tool allows you to include all of the available fields including to address, CC, BCC, subject line, and body. Like some of our other email tools, this tool will automatically generate the link as you type in the details.

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7) Email Screenshot Generator

Wish you could snag a screenshot of that snazzy email in your campaign? Just drop your EML file into this tool and you'll have a screenshot in about 5 seconds. Hit download and you're done! The first version of this email tool allows you to generate a full-length screenshot at a fixed width, but as this tool gains popularity we're looking and adding advanced screenshot options and settings.

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8) Gmail Annotations Builder

Gmail Annotations can be a powerful ally, but they can be tough to integrate into a campaign. Our builder makes it easy to generate the code you need to take advantage of this tech and preview how it would look in mobile inboxes. This tool will let you add basic settings for a simple promo code snippet or go advanced with a carousel of products, links, prices, and names for each. This is one of our newest email tools but it's a great way to get started with Gmail Annotations without having to write the code yourself.

Try Email Annotations Builder

So there you have it; 8 totally free email tools for you and your team. Wish we'd built another free tool to help you with your email marketing? Just let us know!