EML Viewer

A free, online tool to easily view the contents of an EML file.

EML Viewer FAQs

Q: How does the EML viewer work?

A: This tool works by parsing out the compenents of a .eml file like the headers and various version of the email like plain text or HTML and showing them in a tidier, more organized format than the original file would appear if you opened it in a Notepad or text editor.

Q: What is an EML file?

A: If you click "download" in your Outlook, Gmail, or other inbox, the file that is downloaded will end in .eml and will contain all the information that was sent to your inbox. Usually you'll only see just the HTML or plain text version of the email, but this viewer will allow you to see everything else that was send behind the scenes as well.

Q: What is all this other stuff sent with my email?

A: Emails are sent with all sorts of information that your inbox might need to determine if it's spam, display the contents, show who the email was sent to, etc. All of this information and more is stored in a .eml file. For example, you may only see the HTML version of a marketing email in your Gmail account, but the sender likely also included a plain text version as well. That's stored with the email even if you don't ever see it.

Q: Does it work with any EML file?

A: Pretty much. We're alwasy surprised by the formatting of the occasional EML file, so if something looks fishy just send us an email. We'll see if we can update the tool to account for those changes.