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How to Track Your Competitors’ Email Marketing Spam Scores

  Gregg Blanchard     May 30, 2024    

Spam score is not a perfect number that tells you everything about your competitors' style of marketing, but it does tell you something. That is true on the individual campaign level when you dissect an email with an unusually high spam score and it's true on the aggregate when you compare the average spam score of one company to another.

So how do you track the spam scores of your competitors' email campaigns? Luckily, SendView makes this easy. Here's how.

1) See Spam Scores in the Inbox

The first place to see spam scores is in your SendView inbox. When you subscribe to your competitors' emails with SendView, spam scores are automatically captured for each one. This column can be toggled on/off in your inbox and you can even search for campaigns based on their spam score.

spam score view in sendview inbox

You can also see spam scores when you click on any one of those campaigns in the details view to the side of the HTML for that email. This is also visible in the timelines area which uses a similar layout for those details.

screenshot of competitor email journey in sendview

2) Track Average Spam Scores on the Dashboards

Next, you can view a specific sender's average spam score by going to their SendView Dashboard. Here, you'll see lots of stats around their timing, tech stack, and content. You'll also see in the center column the average spam score for the date range you're looking at.

average spam score view in dashboards

This will also show you whether their average spam score is trending up or down. Want to compare multiple senders' spam scores? You can use compare mode to see up to three competitors side-by-side in the Dashboard tool.

3) High Level Spam Score Trends

The third way to analyze and track your competitors' spam scores is using the Trends area of SendView. This allows you to see average spam scores across all of the competitors and brands you're tracking. You can see highs, lows, and a histogram that groups spam scores by their average.

spam score trend report

You'll also notice that it breaks down the spam score for each senders you're tracking as well so even if you're not on the Dashboard for a specific competitor you can still see the high level spam score averages for that company.

4) Spam Score Change Alerts

Finally, SendView will also tease out the times when a sender's average spam score suddenly spikes or drops as well as individual campaigns with an usually high spam score. These can all be found by clicking on the Alerts tab from anywhere in the app.

screenshot of spam score alerts tab

These alerts are discovered automatically for every competitor you track, so all you have to do is click "Alerts" and see what the app has found.

Track You Competitors' Spam Scores with SendView

We're really proud of SendView and what is possible when it comes to keeping an eye on your competitors' spam scores on the individual email and aggregate level.

Want to better track these insights for the company's you compete with? Maybe it's worth giving SendView a try.