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How to Track When Your Competitors Send Email Campaigns

  Gregg Blanchard     May 22, 2024    

Email marketing strategy has many levers that marketers need to pull as they work to reach the inbox with the right message send to the right person at the right time.

And while those first two pieces are essential - the right message sent to the right person - they're also easy to track. Sign up for your competitors emails and, even with the limitations of Gmail or Outlook, you'll still get a rough idea of what they're sending and even who they're targeting.

That last one, however, can be especially tricky when it comes to studying how your competitors send emails. Because one thing that Gmail simply isn't designed to do is analyze when your competitors send their campaigns.

Tracking Email Campaign Timing

When we first built SendView this was one of the things we really wanted to crack as much for ourselves as for our users. We didn't just want to see our competitors emails, we wanted to understand when they were most likely to be sending emails on both an individual and aggregate level.

Let's dig into three ways you can track when your competitors are sending their email campaigns.

1) Competitor Email Dashboards

These dashboards give you a detailed view of each of your competitors' email marketing strategy and tactics. One of those things, as you guessed, is the timing around when they send their emails. Look at the left column in the screenshot, for example.

screenshot of competitor email dashboard

You'll see right off the bat a calendar view of when they send emails. It's easy to discern which days are the most popular, but scroll down a little further and you'll have a breakdown of both:

  • The most popular day of the week they send emails
  • The most popular time of day they send emails

You can even adjust your time zone to ensure that the hour corresponds to the markets you and your competitors are competing in.

2) Day of Week & Time of Day Trend Reports

That's great on the individual level, but what about zooming out? In this case you can use the Trends report library to see all sorts of stats across all of your competitors including time of day and day of week insights.

time of day competitor analysis report

You'll also have a heat map style insight to each individual sender from here as well. This allows you to compare the overall average across all of your competitors (the chart at the top) to how each individual compares.

This is one of the most popular email trend reports in SendView.

3) Days Between Email Campaigns

One of the simplest, but most insightful, data points available around your competitors email marketing timing is how long they go between email campaigns. This is something that's easy to view from the Timelines page.

screenshot of timing insights on timelines page

This view shows you all of a competitors emails visual in sequence. And see that little red box? Yep, it even shows you how many days pass between each campaign.

Track Any Competitor's Email Timing

The best part about SendView is that you get to track any company you want exactly how you want. We're not giving you the same insights we're giving everyone else, we're giving you the tools to track a company's email marketing just the way you need to.

Timing is just of those insights, but it's one of our favorites.