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Find the ESP behind any marketing email.

Curious which email platform was used to send the marketing campaigns in your inbox? Just forward them to and we’ll instantly reply with the answer.

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Top 25 ESPs

Keep in mind that while we current track over 90 ESPs and we're always adding new ones, if we can't identify a specific ESP they won't show up on the list.
ESP Name % of Total Chart
    MailChimp     22.9%
    Salesforce     15.8%
    Responsys     8.1%
    Listrak     5.3%
    Bronto     4.6%
    HubSpot     3.8%
    Emarsys     3.8%
    Klaviyo     3.0%
    CampaignMonitor     2.6%
    Iterable     2.5%
    Braze     2.3%
    Sparkpost     2.3%
    Sailthru     2.1%
    Acoustic     2.1%
    IBM     1.5%
    All In     1.5%
    ActiveCampaign     1.5%
    Dotmailer     1.1%
    Pardot     0.9%
    Maropost     0.6%
    Constant Contact     0.6%
    Epsilon     0.6%
    AWeber     0.6%
    Infusionsoft     0.6%
    Marketo     0.6%
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