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How to Create an Email Competitor Analysis Report

  Gregg Blanchard     May 15, 2024    

For over 6 years we've been building the best competitor email tracking tool on the market. We have an incredible list of features that allow you to easily monitor the ESP, spam score, content calendar, and tech stack behind each campaign and then zoom out and see high level views of each insight to understand how your strategy compares to that of your competitors.

But for every marketer that loves the in-depth stuff, there's a marketer who just wants a quick, glancable view of what their competitors email strategy looks like month-to-month. That's where our report generation and scheduling tools come into play. These tools allow you to generate a competitor email analysis for individual competitors or all of your comp set in about 30 seconds. Let's take a quick tour of how it works.


The competitor analysis report generator tool inside your SendView account comes with four options that let you control what data you want to include in your report.

email competitor analysis report generator

1) Report Start Date

Type a date in YYYY-MM-DD format or use the date picker to choose a start date for your competitor email report. If you want to see a full month's data, just set the date for the first of the month.

2) Number of Days

Next, you'll select the date range for your report. Leave this blank if you want it to grab competitor email data for a full month following your start date. Or, if you're looking for a smaller window, use this dropdown to narrow down your analysis report as you'd like.

3) Type of Analysis Report

Each email competitor analysis report includes two components:

  • A dashboard summary of a specific competitor's email activity during the date range
  • A campaign list of every email they sent with key stats and a link to view the template

If you'd like your report to just include the summary for each competitor, select "Just Summary". If you'd like it to include both just select "Summary + Campaigns."

4) Which Competitors to Analyze

Finally, you can either leave this one blank and the report will generate an analysis of email activity for every competitor you are tracking or you can select a specific competitor you'd like to analyze and run a report just for them.


So, you've got an idea for which report you'd like to create but what will it look like once it's complete? First let me share a quick screenshot and then we'll dig in.

Here's what a summary page looks like...

screenshot of email summary page in competitor analysis report

And here's what the campaigns page looks like...

screenshot of campaigns page in email competitor analysis report

As you can see, the summary page covers:

  • Comeptitor email frequency
  • Timing and date insights
  • Subject line analysis
  • Content strategy
  • From name / sender address breakdown
  • Each competitors' tech stack

On the campaigns page, each one includes:

  • Subject Line
  • Date
  • Competitor's ESP
  • Spam Score
  • From Name / Address

Plus a link to each campaign.


Now, if you're looking at this report and thinking of how you could send to this a client of your agency or freelance business but would like to really make it your own, you're in luck. Our agency tools allow you to create accounts on behalf of clients (even if they never actually use it) and then add whitelabel settings to control the color and add your logo. You can even apply these to the app if you give your users access to that.

customized email monitoring reporting

All of these tools allow you to quick generate email competitor analysis reports but do so in a way that builds your own service and brand.


Last, but not least, is the ability to automate these reports. Just above the report builder is a monthly report settings widget. Just select "yes" and enter an email address. Each month these reports will be sent automatically to your inbox.

And that's it, the easiest way to generate competitor email analysis reports. Want to give it a try? Just head to the SendView homepage to get started.