Competitor Analysis Tools: A List of (Almost) Every Platform

screenshots of popular competitor analysis tools

If you’ve ever searched for a new competitor analysis tool or platform, you may have noticed a weird disconnect between your expectations and reality. On the one hand, you’d expect there to be dozens of great platforms to choose from overall and at least a handful for each type of competitor tracking like SEO, content, news, or email. Yet, all the blog posts you find in the search results seem to list the same 5-10 competitor analysis tools. Even worse, each seems to only have one or two tools of each type. It’s as if someone created a list a few years ago of the competitor tracking systems they liked and everyone else just copy/pasted that list into their own. And, honestly, that’s probably not that far from the truth.

This echo chamber can be maddening for consumers, but it can be equally frustrating for all the amazing tools out there that weren’t lucky enough to have been included in that original list. So, I decided to change that and try to create a single, comprehensive list of every competitor analysis tool I could find. Right now we’re at about 75 tools, I’ve got another 20 or so I still need to add, but I know there are still more out there.

Note: If your competitor analysis-related tool isn’t listed or I got something wrong in your listing below, just shoot me and email and I’ll get your tool added or updated.

Types of Tools

We'll break down this list into the following categories and types of competitor analysis platforms:

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Email Competitor Analysis Tools

These tools help you track the email marketing campaigns and insights around email strategy of your competitors.


screenshot of SendView website

Instead of subscribing to your competitors' emails with you own, personal email address, SendView creates a special tracking email address for each of your competitors that you can use to sign up for their emails. Instead of all those campaigns going to your inbox, though, they are analyzed by an engine built for understanding the marketing strategies behind emails and then displayed along with key stats, trends, tech, and tactics in an interface designed to help you identify marketing ideas and opportunities.

Does SendView have a free plan?

No, SendView does not have a free plan.

How much does SendView cost?

Plans for SendView start at $69 a month.

SendView Website

ESP Finder

screenshot of ESP Finder website

ESP Finder is a simple tool that lets you quickly discover the email service provider your competitors are using. Simply forward any marketing email to ESP Finder and it will scan the email, determine which marketing platform was used to send it, and reply with a response in about 5-10 seconds.

Does ESP Finder have a free plan?

Yes, ESP Finder has a free plan.

How much does ESP Finder cost?

Plans for ESP Finder start at Free a month.

ESP Finder Website

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

Use these tools to track the organic search rankings, performance, and opportunities within your competitive set.


screenshot of Ahrefs website

Ahrefs is focused on one type of competitor monitoring; SEO. They offer tools to track your own performance and the performance of your competitors side plus the ability to find keywords your customers are searching for, discover ideas for content and link building, and track your progress as you build on the competitive opportunities you discover.

Does Ahrefs have a free plan?

No, Ahrefs does not have a free plan.

How much does Ahrefs cost?

Plans for Ahrefs start at $99 a month.

Ahrefs Website


screenshot of Surfer website

Surfer represents a new, more actionable approach to competitor monitoring where they are connecting the dots all the way through to what you do about the things you learn. In this case, Surfer analyzes the content competing for top spots in Google searches and then helps you create content that uses the same words, attributes, and features as those pages to give you the best chance of ranking well for your target keywords.

Does Surfer have a free plan?

No, Surfer does not have a free plan.

How much does Surfer cost?

Plans for Surfer start at $89 a month.

Surfer Website


screenshot of Majestic website

Majestic lives in the SEO competitive monitoring space but their specific focus is on link tracking. They map out a huge portion of the web to be able to give their users acurate link-building intelligence for both your brand and your competitors both in the present but also historically.

Does Majestic have a free plan?

No, Majestic does not have a free plan.

How much does Majestic cost?

Plans for Majestic start at $49 a month.

Majestic Website


screenshot of SpyFu website

SpyFu's main focus is an SEO marketing suite, but they combine that with PPC data, backlink data, and historical data on both as well as tools built specifically for competitive analysis to help you turn SEO and marketing data into opportunities that can drive customers. In totally they claim to track over 7 billions results across 109 million domains.

Does SpyFu have a free plan?

No, SpyFu does not have a free plan.

How much does SpyFu cost?

Plans for SpyFu start at $39 a month.

SpyFu Website


screenshot of iSpionage website

iSpionage has created a series of tools that is aligned to understanding your competitors' marketing funnel, dissecting what is working, and being able to recreate or improve on those efforts. Their toolset includes PPC keyword analysis, ad copy analysis and effectiveness scoring, user journey reports, SEO reports, and landing page snapshots to provide insights at ever step of the customer journey.

Does iSpionage have a free plan?

No, iSpionage does not have a free plan.

How much does iSpionage cost?

Plans for iSpionage start at $59 a month.

iSpionage Website


screenshot of Semrush website

Like other SEO tools, Semrush allows for tracking competitor keywords, links, and rankings. But they also add paid search insights to their organic search dataset to provide a well-rounded view of how a brand is using search. Even more, they also include social media insights and tracking to provide a one-stop platform for tracking a large portion of marketing insights for a specific competitor.

Does Semrush have a free plan?

No, Semrush does not have a free plan.

How much does Semrush cost?

Plans for Semrush start at $129 a month.

Semrush Website


screenshot of Moz website

One of the most famous names in SEO, MOZ has the tools to understand your competitive search landscape and scale up your efforts to capitalize on the opportunities you uncover through keyword, content, link, PR, news, and other dataset and tools. MOZ can also track your and your competitors SEO performance over time as you implement the ideas you surface with their tools. MOZ may not have a free plan, but they do have a handful of free tools you can use without being a paid user.

Does Moz have a free plan?

No, Moz does not have a free plan.

How much does Moz cost?

Plans for Moz start at $99 a month.

Moz Website

SE Ranking

screenshot of SE Ranking website

SEO Ranking is a suite of SEO tools that allow you to monitor both your own and your competitors' organic search performance and identify opportunities to outrank your competition for top keywords. The platform includes SEO monitoring, research, tracking, auditing, and on-page SEO tools you can use for any brand including your competitors.

Does SE Ranking have a free plan?

No, SE Ranking does not have a free plan.

How much does SE Ranking cost?

Plans for SE Ranking start at $55 a month.

SE Ranking Website


screenshot of SEOptimer website

SEOptimer is a website SEO checking tool that reviews any website for key factors that can help it rank well. While this can be used on your own website, it can also be used on your competitors to see how well they're optimized for search, what their weaknesses might be, and what opportunities might exist that would help you beat your competitive set when ranking for top keywords on organic search.

Does SEOptimer have a free plan?

No, SEOptimer does not have a free plan.

How much does SEOptimer cost?

Plans for SEOptimer start at $19 a month.

SEOptimer Website

SEO PowerSuite

screenshot of SEO PowerSuite website

SEO PowerSuite has a suite of SEO tools that allow you to monitor your own and competitors' organic search results over time. Their toolset includes keyword research, backlink checkers, content editors, PPC ad optimization, and more, much of which can be fully audtomated to track your comeptitors' rankings and audit their site without having to always sigh in to your account.

Does SEO PowerSuite have a free plan?

Yes, SEO PowerSuite has a free plan.

How much does SEO PowerSuite cost?

Plans for SEO PowerSuite start at $299 a month.

SEO PowerSuite Website


screenshot of Conductor website

Geared more as an enterprise SEO solution, Conductor allows brands to analyze over 20 billion keywords to identify how your competitors are ranking now and what opportunities might exist for you to outrank them for top keywords in your industry. You can also track rankings, measure performance over time, and use their content tools to continuously improve your SEO efforts.

Does Conductor have a free plan?

No, Conductor does not have a free plan.

How much does Conductor cost?

Conductor does not show prices on their website.

Conductor Website


screenshot of Serpstat website

Serpstat is an SEO tool that allows you to dig into who you real competitors are for each keyword and term you hope to rank for, track your competitors' visibility and backlinks, and uncover new keywords that your competitors may not currently be ranking for. Plus, you can check the ads your competitors are running to help build your own search ad strategy.

Does Serpstat have a free plan?

No, Serpstat does not have a free plan.

How much does Serpstat cost?

Plans for Serpstat start at $59 a month.

Serpstat Website


screenshot of SerpMonitor website

SerpMonitor is a library of SEO tools that can be used to track your and your competitors' organic search efforts and stay informed about how you and your competitive set are peforming for top keywords. Their tools allow you to compare you performance with each of your competitors using clean grids and visual so it's easy to track your progress relative to your competitors.

Does SerpMonitor have a free plan?

No, SerpMonitor does not have a free plan.

How much does SerpMonitor cost?

Plans for SerpMonitor start at $19 a month.

SerpMonitor Website


screenshot of Seobility website

An all-in-one SEO software platform, Seobility includes a long list of tools for monitoring your competitors' SEO efforts including website crawling insights, site audits, rank tracking, backlink tracking, link building, and continuous monitoring so your team can stay on top of SEO competition and opportunities.

Does Seobility have a free plan?

Yes, Seobility has a free plan.

How much does Seobility cost?

Plans for Seobility start at $50 a month.

Seobility Website

Marketing Miner

screenshot of Marketing Miner website

Marketing Miner is an SEO tool that allows you to track the rankings and organic search performance of your competitors. Identify which of their pages are ranking, which keywords they are ranking for, and more for your top 5 competitors to identify opportunities to outrank them for top keywords.

Does Marketing Miner have a free plan?

Yes, Marketing Miner has a free plan.

How much does Marketing Miner cost?

Plans for Marketing Miner start at $29 a month.

Marketing Miner Website

Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools

These tools are used to monitor and analyze your competitors social media content, performance, and startegy.


screenshot of Hootsuite website

While you may know Hootsuite from their social media scheduling features, every plan also comes with competitive benchmarking that allows you to compare your own performance on social media to anywhere from 2 competitors (on lower plans) to 20 competitors (on enterprise plans).

Does Hootsuite have a free plan?

No, Hootsuite does not have a free plan.

How much does Hootsuite cost?

Plans for Hootsuite start at $99 a month.

Hootsuite Website

Social Blade

screenshot of Social Blade website

SocialBlade is one of the few, free social media analytics platforms that have successfully survived the changes to API limits and costs over the years. They provide deep insights into your competitors' social media behavior across nearly a dozen channels like YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram all for free with their ad-supported site, but you can go even deeper or remove ads altogether for a small fee.

Does Social Blade have a free plan?

Yes, Social Blade has a free plan.

How much does Social Blade cost?

Plans for Social Blade start at $4 a month.

Social Blade Website


screenshot of Phlanx website

Phlanx's main focus may not be competitor monitoring, but their ability to dig into social media behavior has allowed them to make that a strong part of their product. They offer tracking for YouTube, Twitter/X, Instagram, and Twitch with insights into post performance and more for each competitor. They do have a limited set of insights that are free, but most features require a paid account.

Does Phlanx have a free plan?

No, Phlanx does not have a free plan.

How much does Phlanx cost?

Plans for Phlanx start at $49 a month.

Phlanx Website

Sprout Social

screenshot of Sprout Social website

Sprout Social has been int he game for a long time and for good reason, they give you a long list of powerful social media tools including competitor tracking. You can see analytics for Instgram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter/X, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest through detailed, easy-to-share dashboards and reports so everyone knows how well your social media accounts doing and how that compares to your competitors.

Does Sprout Social have a free plan?

No, Sprout Social does not have a free plan.

How much does Sprout Social cost?

Plans for Sprout Social start at $249 a month.

Sprout Social Website

Dash Hudson

screenshot of Dash Hudson website

Dash Hudson combines multiple streams of data from sources like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter/X to put your performance in context versus your competitors. Reporting is also customizable so you and your team can focus on tracking the metrics and insights that matter as you plan your strategy relative to your competitors. This tool also includes other, non-competitor features that support your efforts on these channels.

Does Dash Hudson have a free plan?

No, Dash Hudson does not have a free plan.

How much does Dash Hudson cost?

Plans for Dash Hudson start at $249 a month.

Dash Hudson Website


screenshot of Brandwatch website

Brandwatch allows you to track any brand across a long list of social media sites including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, and Reddit. And because you can track any brand, they've also built tools that allow you to track your competitors' social media efforts and compare what they're doing against your own efforts on those same channels or monitor them on new channels you're considering investing in.

Does Brandwatch have a free plan?

No, Brandwatch does not have a free plan.

How much does Brandwatch cost?

Brandwatch does not show prices on their website.

Brandwatch Website


screenshot of Keyhole website

Keyhole's main value proposition is the idea of real-time social media monitoring, including monitoring competitors. They can monitor all of the key social platforms including Twitter/X, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube and have some great tools to synthesize insights from across profiles into downloadable reports.

Does Keyhole have a free plan?

No, Keyhole does not have a free plan.

How much does Keyhole cost?

Plans for Keyhole start at $89 a month.

Keyhole Website

Rival IQ

screenshot of Rival IQ website

RivalIQ monitors your competitors on social media across all of the key channels with a few extra perks relative to some other platforms. For example, the platform is able to alert you when your competitors take certain actions, they are able to compare the position each competitor takes in their bio and high level marketing, and they can zoom out even further to compare your performance to your industry as well as your competitors.

Does Rival IQ have a free plan?

No, Rival IQ does not have a free plan.

How much does Rival IQ cost?

Plans for Rival IQ start at $239 a month.

Rival IQ Website


screenshot of Emplifi website

Emplifi's competitive benchmarking tools giver your team access to billions of social posts, influencers, profiles, and posts across various channels. With historical data and other metrics, you can easily rank and compare your brand's performance against others to give your posts and updates important context.

Does Emplifi have a free plan?

No, Emplifi does not have a free plan.

How much does Emplifi cost?

Plans for Emplifi start at $200 a month.

Emplifi Website


screenshot of Mention website

Monitor allows you to watch, well, mentions of your competitors on both traditional news as well as social media, forums, blogs, review websites, and more to understand what they're doing and how you can react. Plus, their analytics provide insights into frequency and breadth to understand each competitors' share of voice.

Does Mention have a free plan?

No, Mention does not have a free plan.

How much does Mention cost?

Plans for Mention start at $49 a month.

Mention Website


screenshot of Sociality website

Primarily a social media management platform, Sociality takes full advantage of their integrations and data set to also provide competitor analysis tools. For example, you can dig into historical data form competitive brands to see what content has worked for them and schedule reports to make it easy for your entire team to follow competitive trends and opportunities without having to sign into your account.

Does Sociality have a free plan?

No, Sociality does not have a free plan.

How much does Sociality cost?

Plans for Sociality start at $99 a month.

Sociality Website


screenshot of SocialInsider website

SocialInsider provides social media competitor analytics and listening metrics for marketers who are looking to take a data-driven approach to their strategy. Users can access competitive intelligence on key brands, benchmark their performance through advanced analytics and reporting, and use AI to listen across channels for key opportunities and insights.

Does SocialInsider have a free plan?

No, SocialInsider does not have a free plan.

How much does SocialInsider cost?

Plans for SocialInsider start at $99 a month.

SocialInsider Website


screenshot of SkedSocial website

Sked Social is a suite of social media management tools - listening, inbox, link in bio, etc. - that also includes competitor social media monitoring. Their tool uses AI to try to parse out key insights, anomolies, or opportunities within a brand's social media activity or performance to reduce the burden on the user to sift through the data themselves to identify insights.

Does SkedSocial have a free plan?

No, SkedSocial does not have a free plan.

How much does SkedSocial cost?

Plans for SkedSocial start at $30 a month.

SkedSocial Website


screenshot of Talkwalker website

Talkwalker helps marketers to identify marketing, brand, engagement, and product opportunities by benchmarking how your strategy is performing relative to your competitors and industry across multiple social media channels. Their tool also allows advanced benchmarking by sentiment, social channel, and audience to help brands optimize and refine their message everywhere they're sharing it.

Does Talkwalker have a free plan?

No, Talkwalker does not have a free plan.

How much does Talkwalker cost?

Talkwalker does not show prices on their website.

Talkwalker Website


screenshot of Followerwonk website

Followerwonk allows you to search Twitter bios and compare follower lists between you and your competitors to find overlaps and target potential influencers. You can also break down your competitors' followers by bio, what other account they follow and more. Followerwonk was recently acquired by Fedica to help the service survive the API changes by Twitter/X.

Does Followerwonk have a free plan?

Yes, Followerwonk has a free plan.

How much does Followerwonk cost?

Plans for Followerwonk start at $10 a month.

Followerwonk Website


screenshot of ZoomSphere website

An all-in-one social media management platform built for collaborative teams, Zoomsphere also includes social media benchmarking tools that allow you to compare your own social media performance to the performance of your competitive set to give your social media efforts additional insight and context through side-by-side comparisons with each brand.

Does ZoomSphere have a free plan?

No, ZoomSphere does not have a free plan.

How much does ZoomSphere cost?

Plans for ZoomSphere start at $95 a month.

ZoomSphere Website


screenshot of Reputation website

Reputation allows your to track and compare your review performance to the review performance of your competitors. You can drill into individual brand performance, compare yourself to the industry's benchmarks, identify what is contributing to your competitors positive and negative reviews, and analyze sentiment in real-time for reviews as they happen.

Does Reputation have a free plan?

No, Reputation does not have a free plan.

How much does Reputation cost?

Reputation does not show prices on their website.

Reputation Website


screenshot of Radarr website

A social media listening app, Radarr allows marketers to keep tabs on mentions of both their own and their competitors' brands and products across social media sites and review sites. Users can track sentiment, mention frequency, and more and benchmark these stats agains their own efforts and performance on these channels.

Does Radarr have a free plan?

No, Radarr does not have a free plan.

How much does Radarr cost?

Radarr does not show prices on their website.

Radarr Website


screenshot of TubeBuddy website

TubeBuddy is a competitor analysis tool buitl specifically for YouTube creators and brands with YouTube channels. This platform allows you to compare you channel and video against the performance of competitirve channels and track their video uploads and performance so you can identify what is working for channels like yours and replicate those efforts on your own to improve your video performance.

Does TubeBuddy have a free plan?

No, TubeBuddy does not have a free plan.

How much does TubeBuddy cost?

Plans for TubeBuddy start at $7.50 a month.

TubeBuddy Website

News/Updates Competitor Analysis Tools

Track key news, updates, and more from across the web for each of your competitors with these tools.


screenshot of Crayon website

Crayon is primarily focused on news and websites as a data source, but they are one of the platforms that works hard to surface the stuff that matters instead of leaving it up to the user to find those. Using AI they create an inbox of insights that are summarized, scored, and ready to share with your team if you see something worth acting on.

Does Crayon have a free plan?

No, Crayon does not have a free plan.

How much does Crayon cost?

Crayon does not show prices on their website.

Crayon Website


screenshot of Contify website

Contify identify a long list of key competitive insights including business performance, business expansion, new products, new clients, go-to-market efforts, quotes and posts from company leadership, legal challenges, blog posts, job postings, and more so no matter where the opportuniites lie, your team can quickly identify ways to act.

Does Contify have a free plan?

No, Contify does not have a free plan.

How much does Contify cost?

Contify does not show prices on their website.

Contify Website


screenshot of WatchMyCompetitor website

WatchMyCompetitor uses AI to watch your competitors and identify insights that could lead to opportunities or ideas. They track product changes, pricing updates, promotations, and other changes in near real-time so brands can quickly act on what they learn from their competitors.

Does WatchMyCompetitor have a free plan?

No, WatchMyCompetitor does not have a free plan.

How much does WatchMyCompetitor cost?

WatchMyCompetitor does not show prices on their website.

WatchMyCompetitor Website

Content-Focused Competitor Analysis Tools

These tools will help you analyze your competitors' content strategy and performance of various pieces of content.


screenshot of BuzzSumo website

BuzzSumo features a handful of powerful features for monitoring your competitors' content strategies and finding opportunities with those trends to improve your own. You can monitor mentions of a specific brand, conversations around exact products, and competitive intelligence to help you improve your content, news, and PR efforts.

Does BuzzSumo have a free plan?

No, BuzzSumo does not have a free plan.

How much does BuzzSumo cost?

Plans for BuzzSumo start at $199 a month.

BuzzSumo Website

Google Trends

screenshot of Google Trends website

While their dataset may only work for larger brands, Google Trends puts the breadth of Google Search queries into a simple interface that lets you explore the ebbs and flows of search interest by keywors. For example, you could set up a side-by-side comparison of search queries for your brand name versus the names of your competitors as a measure of brand awareness or organic search intent for folks looking for each of your specific companies.

Does Google Trends have a free plan?

Yes, Google Trends has a free plan.

How much does Google Trends cost?

Plans for Google Trends start at $0 a month.

Google Trends Website


screenshot of Feedly website

What started as a beautiful feed reader, Feedly has evolved into a powerful, AI-driven competitive intelligence tool that watches markets for key competitor intel and feeds those insights to your entire team. It's been a fascinating evolution to watch and I'm sure there will be more to come as AI becomes a larger part of their platform.

Does Feedly have a free plan?

No, Feedly does not have a free plan.

How much does Feedly cost?

Plans for Feedly start at $1,200 a month.

Feedly Website

Website Competitor Analysis Tools

Tools to track changes to your competitors' website design, copy, or other visual elements.


screenshot of VisualPing website

Visualping is a tool that allows you to monitor your competitors' websites for changes automatically. They do this by visually scanning websites and comparing even minute changes to images, layout, copy, and color. When they find something has changed, you'll receive an email alert with details about what they found so it's easy to keep tabs on these changes without having to log into your account.

Does VisualPing have a free plan?

Yes, VisualPing has a free plan.

How much does VisualPing cost?

Plans for VisualPing start at $10 a month.

VisualPing Website


screenshot of SpyOnWeb website

SkyOnWeb is a simple tool that surfaces public data from any website and compares it to other websites sharing the same information. This allows you to see if your competitor is sharing analytics, hosting, or other tools with other brands in their portfolio or parent company. It's not a tool most marketers will need, but it does add a nice bit of info when doing a deeper competitor analysis.

Does SpyOnWeb have a free plan?

Yes, SpyOnWeb has a free plan.

How much does SpyOnWeb cost?

Plans for SpyOnWeb start at $6 a month.

SpyOnWeb Website


screenshot of BuiltWith website

BuiltWith is a powerful tool for understanding which technologies, softwares, and tools your competitors use to build and run their websites. They can uncover the content management system each competitor is running, which ad tracking pixels are found on the site, what services host their website, and more.

Does BuiltWith have a free plan?

Yes, BuiltWith has a free plan.

How much does BuiltWith cost?

Plans for BuiltWith start at $295 a month.

BuiltWith Website

Key Lime Labs

screenshot of Key Lime Labs website

Kel Lime Labs offers a one-click solution to analyzing and tracking the UX and design efforts of your competitors. They'll track trends across your competitors and industry and share indexed screenshots, trends, consumer ratings, and other competitive intelligence with your team so you can gain all the UX/UI competitive insights you need to make decisions without having to spend any time gathering this information on your own.

Does Key Lime Labs have a free plan?

No, Key Lime Labs does not have a free plan.

How much does Key Lime Labs cost?

Key Lime Labs does not show prices on their website.

Key Lime Labs Website


screenshot of Compint website

Comping is a website competitor monitoring tool that offers key insights with a really easy setup process. It only takes about a minute to enter the domains of each competitor and their product does the rest. Compint tracks your competitors pricing, product releases, website versions, and more sending you custom alerts in real time when they discover a key bit of competitive intelligence you need to know.

Does Compint have a free plan?

Yes, Compint has a free plan.

How much does Compint cost?

Plans for Compint start at $18 a month.

Compint Website

General Market Competitor Analysis Tools

These tools will help you understand your competitive market and how you fit within that niche.


screenshot of SightX website

SightX is built on the idea of automating market research and market insights so you can spend time on more important things. They specialize in being able to gather competitive and market intelligence quickly and then using that data to target your audience anywhere in the world.

Does SightX have a free plan?

Yes, SightX has a free plan.

How much does SightX cost?

Plans for SightX start at $135 a month.

SightX Website


screenshot of Appinio website

Appinion is a tool that make audience and competitive insights accessible for anyone. Their value proposition is that you can go from questions into insights in a matter of minutes. While these questions can be asked about many other angle besides competitor monitoring, as you can imagine this is a large use case for a market research platform like theirs.

Does Appinio have a free plan?

No, Appinio does not have a free plan.

How much does Appinio cost?

Appinio does not show prices on their website.

Appinio Website

AMZ Insight

screenshot of AMZ Insight website

Built for Amazon sellers, AMZ Insight is a market research tool that allows sellers to track, analyze, and learn from their competitors' strategy on Amazon. You can track your competitors' products, monitor ranking for specific keywords, estimate their sales and revenue, and dig into each competitors' pricing strategy.

Does AMZ Insight have a free plan?

No, AMZ Insight does not have a free plan.

How much does AMZ Insight cost?

Plans for AMZ Insight start at $39 a month.

AMZ Insight Website


screenshot of Moody's website

Moody's (formerly known as Orbis) is a deep comparitive data set on prvidate companies that appends publicly available data with third party data and insights to give companies looking to track public buniesses the abiliy to simplify the decision-making process as they look to learn from competitors.

Does Moody's have a free plan?

No, Moody's does not have a free plan.

How much does Moody's cost?

Moody's does not show prices on their website.

Moody's Website


screenshot of Comintelli website

Comintelli allows businesses to monitor key intelligences topics around their competitors and industry to gain insights that can be used to build more data-driven growth strategies. Their technology scans a large set of external data sources for new ideas so that your team can focus on building a strategy to take advantage of what you learn about your competitive landscape and market.

Does Comintelli have a free plan?

No, Comintelli does not have a free plan.

How much does Comintelli cost?

Comintelli does not show prices on their website.

Comintelli Website


screenshot of Beauhurst website

Beauhurst sources, extracts, and packages data from thousands of businesses in the UK to create a comprehensive database of private companies. They offer a handful of tools including company insights for sales teams to help sales teams beat their competitors and win high-quality clients.

Does Beauhurst have a free plan?

No, Beauhurst does not have a free plan.

How much does Beauhurst cost?

Beauhurst does not show prices on their website.

Beauhurst Website


screenshot of ReportLinker website

ReportLinker is a tool that uses AI to automate market intelligence and competitor intelligence efforts. They allw you to track multiple companies to spot emerging trends and identify ways to stay ahead of competitors. Their system also boils down information into key insights to help users avoid information overload when tracking their competitors.

Does ReportLinker have a free plan?

No, ReportLinker does not have a free plan.

How much does ReportLinker cost?

Plans for ReportLinker start at $89 a month.

ReportLinker Website

CI Radar

screenshot of CI Radar website

CI Radar combines technology with manual curation and analysis to create accurate insights for their users delivered email. This combination of manual and automated work gives them the possibility to identify trends that other systems can't. CI Radar is built primarily for executive teams, product teams, intelligence teams, and marketing teams who are trying to stay ahead of their competitors and identify growth opportunities.

Does CI Radar have a free plan?

No, CI Radar does not have a free plan.

How much does CI Radar cost?

CI Radar does not show prices on their website.

CI Radar Website


screenshot of PriceShape website

PriceShape is a price comparison software that is built for both brands and wholesales to get insights about their vendors including stock status and how they have priced your and other products. They provide a user-friend tool that helps you optimize pricing strategies by monitoring your competitors products and prices to better position your products in the market to ultimately increase sales and profit.

Does PriceShape have a free plan?

No, PriceShape does not have a free plan.

How much does PriceShape cost?

Plans for PriceShape start at $299 a month.

PriceShape Website


screenshot of Digimind website

Build for identify coonsumer insights, Digimind's intelligence software helps you understand the competitive environment your business exists within and the market trends that influence your ability to succeed. Their platform helps you monitor and visualize competitive intelligence before purchase to identify opporutnities to better communicate to your customers during the research phase of the shopping experience.

Does Digimind have a free plan?

No, Digimind does not have a free plan.

How much does Digimind cost?

Digimind does not show prices on their website.

Digimind Website

PPC / Paid Search Competitor Analysis Tools

Use these tools to track the PPC and paid search campaigns of your competitors across various ad platforms.


screenshot of PromoNavi website

PromoNavi is a PPC advertising tool that also includes the ability compare your ads, keywords, and paid traffic to your competitors. Between reports for your own performance and insights into your competitors' strategy and performance, this tools is designed to help you identify ways to optimize your PPC performance relative to your competitors.

Does PromoNavi have a free plan?

No, PromoNavi does not have a free plan.

How much does PromoNavi cost?

Plans for PromoNavi start at $49 a month.

PromoNavi Website


screenshot of MediaRadar website

MediaRadar analyze advertising data for your market and competitors to discover actionable insights for your team so you can identify opportunities for your marketing team to increase ad revenue, ROI, and performance.

Does MediaRadar have a free plan?

No, MediaRadar does not have a free plan.

How much does MediaRadar cost?

MediaRadar does not show prices on their website.

MediaRadar Website


screenshot of Adthena website

Adthena allows you to dig much deeper than the analytics that platforms like Google Ads shows you about the performance of your ads. See every advertising move your competitors make so you can spot opportunities and make your PPC spend as effective and efficient as possible. Their suite of tools can map your entire market across the entire Google Ads platform, protect your brand from competitors, pause bidding on terms you're ranking for organically, and be notified when new opportunities are identified by the system.

Does Adthena have a free plan?

No, Adthena does not have a free plan.

How much does Adthena cost?

Adthena does not show prices on their website.

Adthena Website


screenshot of SocialPeta website

SocialPeta allows advertisers to monitor their competitors' top ads and products to generate inspiration about their own campaigns and opportunities to outperform their competition. Their database of over 1.3 billion ads across Twitter/X, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and other channels creates the ability to monitor your competitors' ads in ways that other platforms can't.

Does SocialPeta have a free plan?

No, SocialPeta does not have a free plan.

How much does SocialPeta cost?

SocialPeta does not show prices on their website.

SocialPeta Website

The Search Monitor

screenshot of The Search Monitor website

The Search Monitor is a tool that helps brands track their competitors ads and performance. They offer a handful of tools and benefits including the ability to monitor ads in any location including local ads, hourly crawling to increase the likelihood of identifying key information, automatic alerts of key insights, crawling that looks like real people, and the ability to monitor ads across search, social media, display, ads and more across mobile and desktop.

Does The Search Monitor have a free plan?

No, The Search Monitor does not have a free plan.

How much does The Search Monitor cost?

The Search Monitor does not show prices on their website.

The Search Monitor Website

Mobile App Competitor Analysis Tools

Track the performance of your mobile app on the key apps stores like Apple and Google Play.

Mobile Action

screenshot of Mobile Action website

MobileAction does for apps in the App Store and Google Play Store what an SEO tool does for websites on Google and Bing. Their tools allow you to track you and your competitors rankings and performance across every keyword and optimize both organic results as well as your Apple Search ad campaigns.

Does Mobile Action have a free plan?

Yes, Mobile Action has a free plan.

How much does Mobile Action cost?

Mobile Action does not show prices on their website.

Mobile Action Website


screenshot of AsoMonitor website

Bult for monitoring app store performance, AsoMonitor allows you to stay informated about your competitors latest app udates, track their creative used in listings, identify changes to their description, be alerted with they change pricing and more to help you stay ahead of apps competing with you for the same users and markets.

Does AsoMonitor have a free plan?

No, AsoMonitor does not have a free plan.

How much does AsoMonitor cost?

Plans for AsoMonitor start at $19 a month.

AsoMonitor Website

screenshot of website uses AI and mobile app data to provie comprehensive market and competitive insights so you can beat your competitors to big, new opportunities and quickly act on opportunities as they happen without having to manually sift through the data yourself for each competitor.

Does have a free plan?

No, does not have a free plan.

How much does cost? does not show prices on their website. Website


screenshot of 42Matters website

A mobile and CTV data ste, 42matters provides competitive insights for iOS and Android apps and games. Their tools allow you to research download volume, monthly active users, and benchmark your own performance against other apps and games competing for the same audiences and users.

Does 42Matters have a free plan?

No, 42Matters does not have a free plan.

How much does 42Matters cost?

Plans for 42Matters start at $650 a month.

42Matters Website

SplitMetrics Acquire

screenshot of SplitMetrics Acquire website

SplitMetrics Acquire helps app creator monitor their own and other apps' performance in the Apple App store. They allow you to track share of voice for keywords for each of your top 10 competitors and track rankings and performance relative to other apps in their app store.

Does SplitMetrics Acquire have a free plan?

Yes, SplitMetrics Acquire has a free plan.

How much does SplitMetrics Acquire cost?

SplitMetrics Acquire does not show prices on their website.

SplitMetrics Acquire Website

Sensor Tower

screenshot of Sensor Tower website

Sensor Tower focus on competitive data quality over quantity. They use data curated by real people across the global digital economy to try to identify things other platforms can't. Their focus on the mobile user and app industry gives you the opportunitiy to optimize your digital advertising spend across Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Does Sensor Tower have a free plan?

No, Sensor Tower does not have a free plan.

How much does Sensor Tower cost?

Sensor Tower does not show prices on their website.

Sensor Tower Website


screenshot of Watchful website

Watchful is an AI powered platform that allows app developers and marketers to watch their competitors key moves and learn ways to imporve their user experience. Gain visibility into the A/B tests your competitors are running, see features that are in dev, and never be caught off guard by new releases. Plus, you can also monitor your competitors' CRM strategy to see how they communicate with customers in the app, via email, and on their website.

Does Watchful have a free plan?

No, Watchful does not have a free plan.

How much does Watchful cost?

Watchful does not show prices on their website.

Watchful Website

Sales Competitor Analysis Tools

Tools like these are design to arm sales representative with key insights and behavior to help them close deals.


screenshot of Klue website

Cometimes called competitive enablement, Klue looks to combine market, competitor, and buy insights into a single platform and then use AI to surface key insights to their users. Klue is designed for use by sales, executive teams, product leadership, and marketing so that everyone has insights into what every competitor is doing and can identify opportunities to act.

Does Klue have a free plan?

No, Klue does not have a free plan.

How much does Klue cost?

Klue does not show prices on their website.

Klue Website


screenshot of Owler website

Owler allows you to track news and mentions of a huge number of companies and get a feed of that news delivered right to your inbox or in your browser. The free plan lets you track up to 5 competitors while paid plans allow more advanced features like unlimited competitors, automation, and syncing to your CRM and communications tools.

Does Owler have a free plan?

Yes, Owler has a free plan.

How much does Owler cost?

Plans for Owler start at $35 a month.

Owler Website

Compete IQ

screenshot of Compete IQ website

Built for marketing teams, CompeteIQ is a competitive intelligence tool that is designed to provide sales reps with key insights and knowledge to close more deals. They use both AI and natural language processing to monitor competitor news and events to product customized battle cards deisned to improve win/loss ratios and lower customer acquisition costs.

Does Compete IQ have a free plan?

No, Compete IQ does not have a free plan.

How much does Compete IQ cost?

Compete IQ does not show prices on their website.

Compete IQ Website

Direct Mail Competitor Analysis Tools

These tools help you track what your competitors are doing with physical mailers that land in your audience's mailboxes.

Who's Mailing What

screenshot of Who's Mailing What website

Who's Mailing What is a clever, unique approach to competitive analysis in a channel that's traditionally very hard to follow; direct mail. While monitoring your competitors' direct mail campaigns over time may not be possible, their database of hundreds of thousands of direct mail pieces likely contains a few campaigns from competitive companies in your industry that you can surely learn from as you look to build your own direct mail strategy.

Does Who's Mailing What have a free plan?

No, Who's Mailing What does not have a free plan.

How much does Who's Mailing What cost?

Who's Mailing What does not show prices on their website.

Who's Mailing What Website

Retail & Pricing Competitor Analysis Tools

These tools are designed for retail brands who want to track their competitors' offers, pricing, and products.

Intelligence Node

screenshot of Intelligence Node website

A competitor analysis tool built for retail brands, Intelligence Node helps brands track competitor content and then optimize their online listings based on what they learn. You can also track pricing and promotions, share of search, and availability with 99% accuracy thanks to their patented AI.

Does Intelligence Node have a free plan?

No, Intelligence Node does not have a free plan.

How much does Intelligence Node cost?

Intelligence Node does not show prices on their website.

Intelligence Node Website


screenshot of Altosight website

Altosight is a pricing monitoring tool that allows you to monitor your competitors prices automatically. You can schedule checks to happen at specific times of day, monitor competitor prices in any country, analyze pricing strategies across currenties, and find products automatically on marketplaces, direct retailers, and price comparison engines for all of your the brands you compete with.

Does Altosight have a free plan?

No, Altosight does not have a free plan.

How much does Altosight cost?

Altosight does not show prices on their website.

Altosight Website


screenshot of FastCompete website

FastCompete is a simple but powerful took that allows you to easily monitor the online prices of your competitors. Their service helps you stay on top of competitor discount campaigns and changes in pricing on your competitors' websites so you can adapt your strategy in response to your market and maintain or grow market share.

Does FastCompete have a free plan?

Yes, FastCompete has a free plan.

How much does FastCompete cost?

Plans for FastCompete start at $99 a month.

FastCompete Website


screenshot of Konnecto website

Konnecto helps you monitor your competitors' path to conversion to identify new affiliates and opportunities for growth. They'll monitor your market and automatically monitor placements, competitors, and partners to stay on top of your portfolio and opportunities. They'll also identify purchase patterns, prescribe recommendataions, and the next best action to better compete against your competitive set.

Does Konnecto have a free plan?

No, Konnecto does not have a free plan.

How much does Konnecto cost?

Konnecto does not show prices on their website.

Konnecto Website

All-in-One Competitor Analysis Tools

These tools include multiple monitoring tools across multiple types of tracking for an all-in-one solution.


screenshot of SimilarWeb website

Similarweb covers a long list of competitor analysis toolsets including digital benchmarking, website and app analysis, SEO and PPC, shopper intelligence, stock intelligence and forecasting, and sales intelligence for lead forecasting and enrichment.

Does SimilarWeb have a free plan?

No, SimilarWeb does not have a free plan.

How much does SimilarWeb cost?

Plans for SimilarWeb start at $149 a month.

SimilarWeb Website


screenshot of Kompyte website

Kompyte works from a similar dataset as other companies (they are part of Semrush after all) but ads a few additional insights that are really powerful. First, they look across websites, reviews, content, social, ads, and job postings to build a really comprehensive look at each competitor. Second, they use AI to filter out the really important insights within your competitors' behavior from the normal stuff so you aren't forced to sift through everything on your own to find what matters.

Does Kompyte have a free plan?

No, Kompyte does not have a free plan.

How much does Kompyte cost?

Kompyte does not show prices on their website.

Kompyte Website

Competitors App

screenshot of Competitors App website

Competitors App is a broad competitor analysis tool for marketers that allows marketing teams to track their competitors across social media, paid ads, blog content, organic search results, website changes, and changes to their email programs. Insights can be gleaned by logging into their web app or subscribing to email alerts to stay on top of marketing tactics from each competitor.

Does Competitors App have a free plan?

No, Competitors App does not have a free plan.

How much does Competitors App cost?

Plans for Competitors App start at $19 a month.

Competitors App Website


screenshot of Panoramata website

An e-commerce focused platform, Panoramata monitors your competitors' digital marketing strategy including ads, landing pages, SMS, tach stack, newsletters, social media, and more to help marketing teams gain key competitive insights without having to manage all of this tracking manually. Insights are shown in real-time and can be easily shared with the rest of your team to quickly take advanatage of insights that are uncovered.

Does Panoramata have a free plan?

No, Panoramata does not have a free plan.

How much does Panoramata cost?

Plans for Panoramata start at $89 a month.

Panoramata Website

Don't see your competitor analysis tool on the list? Just let us know and we'll get you added.