Top 50 Email Marketing Service Providers & Best ESPs in 2024

When we first built SendView, one of the most requested features was identifying which email marketing platform sent each email. Since then we’ve created rules for over 300 Email Service Providers (ESPs) to pinpoint which tool was behind the marketing emails you receive in your inbox. With so many providers to choose from, shopping for one yourself can feel like a daunting task that leaves you with all sorts of questions.

  • Which email marketing services are other brands using?
  • How many of them are using each service?
  • Which email marketing tools are the most popular?
  • Who are the up and coming ESPs?
  • Which are the best free email tools?
  • Are there email service providers for businesses like mine?

When you combine datasets from SendView and ESP Finder, we’re looking at hundreds of thousands of emails sent by thousands of different brands. Which means that we can rank the most frequently used ESPs fairly reliably. So whether you’re looking for a new email marketing platform or just curious about how they stack up, here’s where things stand based on our data set in 2024.

What are the best email marketing services?

What’s unique about email marketing companies is that many are tailored to very specific industries or verticals. They do this because the email needs of an independent publisher are very, very different than that of a B2B software company, even though both heavily rely on email marketing. As a result, the tools, features, and functionality of each marketing platform are often built specifically for the unique email needs of the exact users they’re hoping to serve. For example:

  • Klaviyo is built specifically for retail businesses
  • ConvertKit is built specifically for creators
  • Loops is built specifically for SaaS companies
  • Pardot is built specifically for B2B sales

In other words, there are many services that would be considered best email marketing platforms because each company is the best for a specific type of user. For the email platforms listed below, we’ve added a little bit of context to better understand the strengths (automations, deliverability, etc.), user types (b2b, retail, etc.), and pricing for each one.

What are the best free email marketing services?

When trying to nail down the best free ESPs it’s important to think about what your goals and constraints are. For example, if you plan to send a lot of emails to a small list, a free tier that doesn’t limit your email volume is probably best. On the flip side, if you send few emails to a large list, a free tier that doesn’t limit your contacts is probably the way to go. Let’s look at a few good choices based on those two criteria.

Which ESPs have free tiers with email limits?

  • Sender has one of the highest limits at 15,000 emails / month
  • ConstantContact limits free users to send 100 emails before they need to pay.
  • Brevo allows free users to send 300 emails a day.

Which ESPs have free tiers with subscriber limits?

  • Sender also has one of the highest limits at 2,500 subscribers
  • MailChimp’s free tier allows up to 2,000 subscribers.
  • Klaviyo offers a free tier with up to 250 subscribers.
  • Omnisend allows up to 250 subscribers on their free tier.
  • ConvertKit’s limit is 300 subscribers for free plans.
  • MailerLite’s limit is 1,000 subscribers on their free tier.
  • GetResponse has a free tier that includes 500 subscribers.

Which ESPs have free tiers with both email and subscriber limits?

  • EmailOctopus allows you to store up to 2,500 contacts and send up to 10,000 emails per month on their free plan.

Is there such thing as a free email marketing service?

There really is no such thing as a truly free ESP. Instead, there are paid ESPs that offer free tiers for their service. The good news is that email is such a good way to generate sales and revenue that once you get a few hundred subscribers it should be easy to generate enough cash to afford a paid plan. So instead of shopping for an ESP solely because of their free tier, look for an ESP that has all the features you need at a price you feel comfortable with and offers a free plan to get you started.

Live Email Marketing Services Rankings

This is a up-to-date data. As more emails are analyzed by SendView users, the rankings below will change. Keep in mind that we don’t include delivery platforms (SendGrid, Sparkpost, etc.) in our rankings.

ESP Name % of Total Chart
MailChimp logo     MailChimp 10.7%
MailChimp is one of the most well-known ESPs that works great for both large senders and small businesses. In fact, MailChimp built their business by serving small businesses and are still a top choice by businesses with smaller teams.

When was MailChimp founded? 2001
Does MailChimp have a free plan? YES
What do I get on MailChimp's free plan? 2000 contacts
What is MailChimp's cheapest plan? $9.99/mo

MailChimp Website  
Salesforce logo     Salesforce 9.9%
Known more specifically as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, this ESP began as ExactTarget before being acquired by Salesforce in 2013. Similar to Salesforce as a whole, this email platform is primarily aimed at larger or enterprise clients.

When was Salesforce founded? 2000
Does Salesforce have a free plan? NO
What is Salesforce's cheapest plan? $400/mo

Salesforce Website  
Klaviyo logo     Klaviyo 9.2%
Pronounced clay-vee-yo, Klaviyo has become the go-to email marketing platform for online retailers. With a broad network of agency partners, a feature set designed specifically for retail, and a tech stack built on the innovative SendGrid platform, their growth and popularity are skyrocketing.

When was Klaviyo founded? 2012
Does Klaviyo have a free plan? YES
What do I get on Klaviyo's free plan? 250 contacts
What is Klaviyo's cheapest plan? $20/mo

Klaviyo Website  
HubSpot logo     HubSpot 5.3%
When it comes to sales, Hubspot has long been known as a go-to email CRM for companies of all sizes. This is partly due to the fact that they offer free tools, an easy-to-use interface, and pricing that works for companies as small as your corner store and as large as Trello or Soundcloud.

When was HubSpot founded? 2006
Does HubSpot have a free plan? NO
What is HubSpot's cheapest plan? $45/mo

HubSpot Website  
Acoustic logo     Acoustic 5.0%
Acoustic used to be IBM Watson and SilverPop before that. A sophisticated ESP, Acoustic allows brands to work with large amounts of custom data in relational tables, fields, and more through programs, automations, web tracking, and other advanced features.

When was Acoustic founded? 1999
Does Acoustic have a free plan? NO
What is Acoustic's cheapest plan? Custom

Acoustic Website  
Iterable logo     Iterable 3.8%
While it seems strange to say it, at less than a decade old Iterable is fairly new on the scene. With a focus on cross-channel marketing and a heavy emphasis on support, Iterable has grown quickly and is used by a diverse set of companies like Zillow, Doordash, and Bombas.

When was Iterable founded? 2013
Does Iterable have a free plan? NO
What is Iterable's cheapest plan? custom

Iterable Website  
Responsys logo     Responsys 3.2%
Another more enterprise-level ESP, Responsys is used by everything from online retailers to major airlines. Similar to many other ESPs of a similar age and feature set, Responsys was acquired by Oracle in 2013 to sit alongside other enterprise-level products.

When was Responsys founded? 1998
Does Responsys have a free plan? NO
What is Responsys's cheapest plan? Custom

Responsys Website  
Marketo logo     Marketo 3.1%
With a focus on both B2B and automation, Marketo is a platform that isn't quite as affordable as other platforms but makes up for it with advanced features, personalization, and even AI-driven tools. Marketo is also a great choice for brands who use many channels besides email marketing. In 2018, Marketo was acquired by Adobe.

When was Marketo founded? 2006
Does Marketo have a free plan? NO
What is Marketo's cheapest plan? custom

Marketo Website  
ActiveCampaign logo     ActiveCampaign 2.4%
Another email marketing platform with a heavy focus on automation is ActiveCampaign. Although they come in at a much more budget-friendly pricepoint, this email company doesn't lack in features and is consistently ranked as a top ESP by it's users in terms of both power and functionality but also easy of use.

When was ActiveCampaign founded? 2003
Does ActiveCampaign have a free plan? NO
What is ActiveCampaign's cheapest plan? $29/mo

ActiveCampaign Website  
NGP VAN logo     NGP VAN 2.1%
When you talk about ESPs with a very specific audience, NGP VAN is a perfect example. This ESP is not only built for candidates running for officec, it is built for democratic candidates running for office and includes all the additional tools around fundraising and tracking that are required for getting candidates the support they need to win elections.

When was NGP VAN founded? 2001
Does NGP VAN have a free plan? NO
What is NGP VAN's cheapest plan? custom

NGP VAN Website  
Sailthru logo     Sailthru 2.1%
When it comes to personalization, Sailthru is one of the original email platforms to really drive innovation around this functionality. While primarily focused on retail for much of their history, they are also well-suited to media as well. Sailthru is also an ESP that has really pushed to expand their ability to work across multiple marketing channels.

When was Sailthru founded? 2008
Does Sailthru have a free plan? NO
What is Sailthru's cheapest plan? custom

Sailthru Website  
Shopify logo     Shopify 2.0%
Wait, isn't Shopify an ecommerce brand? Yes, but just like some ESPs are pushing to include commerce-focused tools, Shopify is pushing to include more ESP-like functionality. They may not be the most powerful ESP, but they get a ton of usage because of the sheer volume of ecommerce stores and users who rely on them to send at least some of their emails.

When was Shopify founded? 2006
Does Shopify have a free plan? NO
What is Shopify's cheapest plan? $39/mo

Shopify Website  
Emarsys logo     Emarsys 1.9%
Emarsys is another enterprise-level email marketing platform (now owned by SAP) that focuses heavily on the ability to delivery messages across multiple channels. This omnichannel approach isn't unique to Emarsys, but they are one of the few enterprise email tools that really goes big on this aspect of their feature set. Don't expect to see a free account option, but do expect powerful tools designed to get your campaigns to the right person across multiple marketing avenues.

When was Emarsys founded? 2000
Does Emarsys have a free plan? NO
What is Emarsys's cheapest plan? custom

Emarsys Website  
Braze logo     Braze 1.9%
Braze lives at the intersection of engagement and omnichannel marketing. Their focus on both capturing customer engagement and enabling real-time messaging around that as well as getting these messages delivered across multiple channels has given the company a long list of clients that use them for email marketing as well as broader marketing campaigns.

When was Braze founded? 2011
Does Braze have a free plan? NO
What is Braze's cheapest plan? custom

Braze Website  
Pardot logo     Pardot 1.6%
Now part of the Salesforce umbrella, Pardot is one of the most well-known enterprise sales email / CRM platforms. With a focus on lead gen, lead scoring, automations, and a tight integration back to accounts and prospects in Salesforce, Pardot is a very popular ESP for B2B sales.

When was Pardot founded? 2007
Does Pardot have a free plan? NO
What is Pardot's cheapest plan? custom

Pardot Website  
CampaignMonitor logo     CampaignMonitor 1.5%
CampaignMonitor brings many advanced automation and targeting features to a email marketing platform that is more affordable for the average businesses. With plans starting at just $9/mo, this platform is ideal for brands who are just ramping up email and wanted both powerful features but an ESP that can grow with them without a large up-front commitment.

When was CampaignMonitor founded? 2004
Does CampaignMonitor have a free plan? NO
What is CampaignMonitor's cheapest plan? $9/mo

CampaignMonitor Website  
Omnisend logo     Omnisend 1.4%
Many ESPs talk about both email and SMS, but Omnisend really leans into this combination with their platform, making it easy to build programs that use both channels to target potential buyers as needed. With low pricing and a free tier, they have been able to gain solid traction among marketers looking for an email platform that is more than just email.

When was Omnisend founded? 2014
Does Omnisend have a free plan? YES
What do I get on Omnisend's free plan? 250 contacts
What is Omnisend's cheapest plan? $16/mo

Omnisend Website  
Intercom logo     Intercom 1.4%
Intercom is a perfect example of a platform that became an ESP simply because email is such a useful tool for so many use cases. Original - and still - a chat bot, Intercom added email capabilities that may not rival a pure ESP, but with such a seamless integration to other customer touchpoints like live chat, is a clear choice for folks who may not need a full suite of email tools.

When was Intercom founded? 2011
Does Intercom have a free plan? NO
What is Intercom's cheapest plan? $74/mo

Intercom Website  
ActionKit logo     ActionKit 1.3%
ActionKit (now part of NGP VAN) is one of a few email marketing tools that are built specifically for causes, political or otherwise. The sheer volume of these campaigns make them a very popular ESP in many people's inboxes, even if they don't realize it. And with a great collection of features for action-minded organizations, expect to see more coming from their servers.

When was ActionKit founded? 1999
Does ActionKit have a free plan? NO
What is ActionKit's cheapest plan? n/a

ActionKit Website  
Listrak logo     Listrak 1.2%
Listrak is an ESP that lives at the intersection of customer data and omnichannel marketing. They are really good at unifying data from many different parts and sources of the customer journey and then giving marketers the ability to target those customers across channels beyond email like SMS, mobile push, social, and we browser push.

When was Listrak founded? 1999
Does Listrak have a free plan? NO
What is Listrak's cheapest plan? custom

Listrak Website  
Eloqua logo     Eloqua 1.2%
One of a few Canadian ESPs, Eloqua was one of the first email platforms that got gobbled up by large, enterprise tech platforms when they were acquired by Oracle in 2012. The brand is on the out in favor of a more generic Oracle-prefixed name, but they continue to lead in unifying customer data and allowing marketers to deliver targeted experiences and communications in real-time.

When was Eloqua founded? 1999
Does Eloqua have a free plan? NO
What is Eloqua's cheapest plan? custom

Eloqua Website  
dotdigital logo     dotdigital 1.1%
This ESP is a bit under-the-radar for more mainstream marketers, but in circles like retail it has a strong presence for good reason. With an emphasis on driving conversion with omnichannel messaging, dotdigital relies on strong integrations with many big players to deliver a platform that can drive meaningful revenue for a solid group of use cases and industries.

When was dotdigital founded? 1999
Does dotdigital have a free plan? NO
What is dotdigital's cheapest plan? custom

dotdigital Website  
ExpertSender logo     ExpertSender 1.1%
ExpertSender is an ESP focused on enterprise ecommerce. You won't see a pricing table with affordable rates for stores just getting started, but you will find powerful tools that allow stores to increase first time purchases as well as customer loyalty and return rates. Likewise, don't expert to see ExpertSender behind all of the emails in your inbox, but expect good things when you do.

When was ExpertSender founded? 2009
Does ExpertSender have a free plan? NO
What is ExpertSender's cheapest plan? custom

ExpertSender Website  
Cheetah logo     Cheetah 1.0%
Another under-the-radar ESP that's behind a surprising number of emails, Cheetah brings a heavy focus on customer relationships with a suite of tools to build your customer database, nuture those customers, and get them to purchase along the way. They have a great platform with an equally impressive list of customers across retail, financial, restaurants, and travel.

When was Cheetah founded? 1998
Does Cheetah have a free plan? NO
What is Cheetah's cheapest plan? custom

Cheetah Website  
Bronto logo     Bronto 0.9%
As is the fate of some ESPs that get snatched up by large enterprise companies, Bronto is on the way out. The rumors had them shutting down by now but we are still seeing a bit of their code floating around. With these rankings taking into account not just present but recent send volumes as well, do not be surprised if the fall off the list soon.

When was Bronto founded? 2002
Does Bronto have a free plan? NO
What is Bronto's cheapest plan? custom

Bronto Website  
Constant Contact logo     Constant Contact 0.9%
One of the true originals in the space, Constant Contact has long been the go-to email marketing platform for brands to quickly, affordable, and easily get started with email. User friendly tools, interfaces, and pricing have long made Constant Contact a top choice of many busineses, but especiallly smaller operations and teams.

When was Constant Contact founded? 1995
Does Constant Contact have a free plan? YES
What do I get on Constant Contact's free plan? 100 emails
What is Constant Contact's cheapest plan? $12/mo

Constant Contact Website  
Epsilon logo     Epsilon 0.9%
One of the lesser known ESPs but no less powerful is Epsilon. This platform combines AI tools for deep customer insights - specially around intent - and then allows marketers to trigger campaigns based on those traits and signals to drive revenue and loyalty. Their support model is also one of proactive partnership instead of reactive responses, which sets them apart from wholy self-service platforms.

When was Epsilon founded? 1969
Does Epsilon have a free plan? NO
What is Epsilon's cheapest plan? custom

Epsilon Website  
Adestra logo     Adestra 0.8%
Talk to Adestra users and chances are you will be talking with a happy customer. With a great interface and toolset that works for a variety of use cases, their focus over the years has primarily settled on publishing, hospitality, and retail. Don't let the lesser known brand fool you, this is a great tool.

When was Adestra founded? 2004
Does Adestra have a free plan? NO
What is Adestra's cheapest plan? custom

Adestra Website logo 0.7%
This tool really has grown in both breadth and depth over the years. Your original impression may have been a self-service platform, but they have thoughtfully moved up market with both tools and high quality support. If you want a great ESP with some great omnichannel features - including in-app messaging - is a fantastic choice.

When was founded? 2012
Does have a free plan? NO
What is's cheapest plan? $100/mo Website  
Infusionsoft logo     Infusionsoft 0.7%
Now known as Keap, this company has evolved from a sales/autoresponder platform to a really slick CRM and email tool that's geared primarily for small busiensses. With both a friendly user interface and a set of powerful features to match, they now offer pricing that is a bit more pro-sumer but worth every penny from the users we have bumped into.

When was Infusionsoft founded? 2012
Does Infusionsoft have a free plan? NO
What is Infusionsoft's cheapest plan? $159/mo

Infusionsoft Website  
ConvertKit logo     ConvertKit 0.7%
A number of ESPs had tried to cater to creators, but Nathan Barry was the first to build a high-level platform designed spefically for this group. Now the go-to ESP for folks who write, create, make, and create, ConvertKit has carved out a stronghold on a tricky, but large market with a platform that would now rival any major ESP in features and power.

When was ConvertKit founded? 2013
Does ConvertKit have a free plan? YES
What do I get on ConvertKit's free plan? 300 subscribers
What is ConvertKit's cheapest plan? $9/mo

ConvertKit Website  
SendinBlue logo     SendinBlue 0.7%
Now known as Brevo, this platform comes with a generous free plan and thoughtful omnichannel features for sales, marketing, and even support. Their user friendly affordable tools are also incredibly strong when placed side-by-side with larger, more expensive platforms which is a big reason why more than a half million users trust their emails with this ESP.

When was SendinBlue founded? 2007
Does SendinBlue have a free plan? YES
What do I get on SendinBlue's free plan? 300 emails/day
What is SendinBlue's cheapest plan? $25/mo

SendinBlue Website  
Blueshift logo     Blueshift 0.6%
When you look at this ESPs platform through today's lens, it may be tempting to think of them as a bandwagon platform, but AI is nothing new for the platform as they have been building on AI for years now to simply the process of getting the right message to the right person at the right time or, as they put it, market to audiences of one.

When was Blueshift founded? 2014
Does Blueshift have a free plan? NO
What is Blueshift's cheapest plan? custom

Blueshift Website  
Technolutions logo     Technolutions 0.6%
It is easy to think of ESPs purely as a marketing tool, but email is the backbone behind dozens of business operations. So while this platform is build specifically for universities, their nearly 2000 users mean there are millions and millions of emails being sent through this platform to drive everything from registration to communications.

When was Technolutions founded? 2004
Does Technolutions have a free plan? NO
What is Technolutions's cheapest plan? custom

Technolutions Website  
Blue State logo     Blue State 0.6%
Another niche-specific ESP, Blue State is designed to get people elected, drive donations, and change laws through a series of powerful tools that use email (and other channels) to build and activate groups of people through manual or automated email outreach.

When was Blue State founded? 2004
Does Blue State have a free plan? NO
What is Blue State's cheapest plan? custom

Blue State Website  
Bluecore logo     Bluecore 0.5%
Retail is a place where a huge amount of email innovation has occured and this marketing platform is absolutely among that group on both coutns. Their goal is to help you unlock previously untapped retail data to create opportunities for driving revenue and repeat purchases, all on the one-to-one scale that builds on the strength of email marketing.

When was Bluecore founded? 2013
Does Bluecore have a free plan? NO
What is Bluecore's cheapest plan? custom

Bluecore Website  
Emma logo     Emma 0.5%
One of the original email brands that took a daunting technology and made it friendly, approachable, and accessible, Emma has built on their twenty years of innovation and growth to become an ESP that may not have the market share of the big guns but has a loyal following that relies on a powerful set of features to deliver relevant, personalized emails to their customers.

When was Emma founded? 2003
Does Emma have a free plan? NO
What is Emma's cheapest plan? $99/mo

Emma Website  
Wunderkind logo     Wunderkind 0.5%
Wunderkind is an ESP that presents itself a bit more as a solution than a platform. With a focus on growth in terms of both database size and the share of revenue they generate from email (and other channels), they actually build so much of their brand around those abilities they guarantee their performance. With a unique brand and effective tools, they are one to watch.

When was Wunderkind founded? 2010
Does Wunderkind have a free plan? NO
What is Wunderkind's cheapest plan? custom

Wunderkind Website  
Mapp logo     Mapp 0.4%
Formerly known as BlueHornet, Mapp is one of the original powerhouse ESPs that gave marketers the tools to customize their messages based on guest data at scale. With new owners and a new brand, Mapp has reinvigorated the original email platform by introducing some powerful new features and a strong direction for this ESP.

When was Mapp founded? 2000
Does Mapp have a free plan? NO
What is Mapp's cheapest plan? custom

Mapp Website  
MailerLite logo     MailerLite 0.4%
Originally positioned as a simple, stripped down, affordable ESP (as the name suggests), this platform is now on par with the biggest and best ESPs in terms of both funtionality and an interface that makes it easy to use. The company now has a huge list of users and a large, distributed team that continues to find a sweet spot between price and functionality.

When was MailerLite founded? 2010
Does MailerLite have a free plan? YES
What do I get on MailerLite's free plan? 1000 subscribers
What is MailerLite's cheapest plan? $9/mo

MailerLite Website  
GetResponse logo     GetResponse 0.4%
GetResponse is another one of the original ESPs that really made email accessible in the last 90s. Today, their marketing platform includes not only a suite of powerful email tools, but some unique features like a website builder and ecommerce funtionality that makes their solution on idea place to start and grow an online business.

When was GetResponse founded? 1997
Does GetResponse have a free plan? YES
What do I get on GetResponse's free plan? 500 contacts
What is GetResponse's cheapest plan? $19/mo

GetResponse Website  
Maropost logo     Maropost 0.4%
While nearly every major ESP is designed with helping marketers grow, sometimes this is a hope more than a focus. Not so with this email marketing platform. Maropost goes all in on tools to help brand-driven businesses like retail, travel, and media publishing. You'll pay more, but you'll get what you pay for with powerful tools to deliver ad-hoc and automated messages across multiple channels.

When was Maropost founded? 2011
Does Maropost have a free plan? NO
What is Maropost's cheapest plan? $279/mo

Maropost Website  
Retention Science logo     Retention Science 0.4%
Retention Science combines the powerful of automation with the potential from A.I. to create a solution that delivers super-targeted email automation at scale and then relies on that same intelligence to test, refine, and improve the performance of each campaign. And not just automation, but automation that drives revenue, satisfaction, and as the name suggests, retention. .

When was Retention Science founded? 2011
Does Retention Science have a free plan? NO
What is Retention Science's cheapest plan? custom

Retention Science Website  
Drip logo     Drip 0.4%
While some ESPs started with traditional large-scale email marketing and eventually added more automated, behavior-triggered emails, Drip was the opposite. As the name implies, small, event-triggered automations were the core and then the more traditional email tools were added later. The approach worked and Drip quickly became a key player in the email industry.

When was Drip founded? 2011
Does Drip have a free plan? NO
What is Drip's cheapest plan? $39/mo

Drip Website  
EmailOctopus logo     EmailOctopus 0.4%
When AWS launched the ability to send emails through their SES service, this gave ESPs a new place to build their sending infrastructure. But Email Octopus recognized an opportunity and simply created an interface for users to send emails through their own AWS accounts. The result was low prices and quick adoption that allowed them to build brand recognition, traffic, and users and eventually offer a more traditional service (one that does not require your own AWS account) as well.

When was EmailOctopus founded? 2015
Does EmailOctopus have a free plan? YES
What do I get on EmailOctopus's free plan? 2.5k subs 10k emails
What is EmailOctopus's cheapest plan? $8/mo

EmailOctopus Website  
Selligent logo     Selligent 0.4%
Originally founded back in 1990, Selligent pivoted from a CRM to email in 2007 and has continued to thoughtfully evolve since then. Today, the company is known for powerful personalization built on a focus around zero-party data, or data that they help you collect directly from subscribers. Combined, they have a unique platform that many larger senders in retail and media rely on.

When was Selligent founded? 2007
Does Selligent have a free plan? NO
What is Selligent's cheapest plan? custom

Selligent Website  
Action Network logo     Action Network 0.3%
Action Network is yet another ESP built specifically for causes like campaigning, fundraising, events, petitions and community engagement. Now featuring a suite of SMS tools to pair with their email functionality, you may not realize how many of their emails you see in your inbox but we'll give you a hint: it's a lot. They are a key player in the political marketing world.

When was Action Network founded? 2012
Does Action Network have a free plan? NO
What is Action Network's cheapest plan? custom

Action Network Website  
Cordial logo     Cordial 0.3%
Cordial does a lot of things really well, but among the most interesting features of this ESP are the ability to bring in outside data to enhance customer profiles and targeting as well as the speed at which marketers can deploy their campaigns. Combine these two strengths and you have a powerful ESP for brands with a lot of data and smaller teams.

When was Cordial founded? 2014
Does Cordial have a free plan? NO
What is Cordial's cheapest plan? custom

Cordial Website  
Paramount logo     Paramount 0.3%
While certainly not the most recognizable brand in email, Paramount is one that shows up in inboxes at a surprising rate. They have a suite of both tools and services that allow both brands and agencies to get their messages not just sent, but delivered to their customers. They are a clear reminder that it doesn't always take a flashy brand to build a great email service.

When was Paramount founded? 2005
Does Paramount have a free plan? NO
What is Paramount's cheapest plan? custom

Paramount Website  
Sendy logo     Sendy 0.3%
Another service built on Amazon's SES email platform, Sendy is one of the most affordable ways to send emails for a simple reason: you only pay for Sendy once. After that, your Amazon sending fees are the only charge which can be as low as $1/mo when sending 10,000 emails. Send is a really clever unique approach to making email affordable and accessible.

When was Sendy founded? 2014
Does Sendy have a free plan? NO
What is Sendy's cheapest plan? $69 one time

Sendy Website