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I wanna be like Justin Khoo when I grow up.

  Gregg Blanchard     August 10, 2021    

I imagine I'll wander around a bit as I get my feet under me with these posts, but I wanted to touch on something that both impressed me and gave me something to work towards.

The topic, Apple Mail.

Not a super original topic, but bear with me.

Because here's the thing. On the one hand, I've seen virtually every email expert in the industry talking about the changes (heck, even I've talked about them), trying to understand what they mean, how they work, what Apple Mail will and won't do with images, and what it means for everything from our beloved countdown timers to open rates.

We debate, we wonder, we predict, we worry.

And then there's Justin Khoo from ProofJump who skipped the speculation and did this (here's an excerpt from his analysis on FreshInbox):

The following are some of the technical details I’ve discovered while testing the Apple Mail app on iOS15 beta...I downloaded the iOS15 beta onto my device and set up my own pixel.

Not what Justin thinks Apple Mail will do, what Apple Mail is actually doing.

That, my friends, is the good stuff.

And when you read some of his takeaways like:

  • The client needs to be running
  • It takes several minutes to several hours for images to begin downloading
  • Images in the Junk folder are not downloaded
  • Power and WiFi matters

You realize that he didn't just test it a couple times, he tested it a boatload of times. And when people (like me) asked questions in the comments, he was quick to jump in to help.

I love content like this. I love experiments like this. I love people that go deep and dig and share. This is the kind of stuff I aspire to. This is the kind of content that I wish there was more of. A lot more of.

Nice work, Justin. Keep it up.

Now get outta here and go read Justin's full, awesome analysis →