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SendView adds Litmus Metric

  Patrick Sande     April 8, 2020    

If you missed the February Email Stats Summary (right here), you missed us teasing a new metric on the SendView platform. Last month, we added Litmus tracking which now allows users to track which of their competitor's use Litmus in email. We're excited about this new metric because it really opens up new insight into technologies being used. But we're also excited about this one because we're just really big fans of Litmus as a tool and also as a company.

If you're not familiar with Litmus, they put it best: "Litmus gives you the power to build, track, and analyze campaigns so your marketing will drive the best possible results." And, we couldn't agree more. One of the other quick kudos I'll give is that they REALLY know email marketing. They're a great resource and put out tons of valuable content around email marketing. To get you started, check out there blog (right here).

Now back to the metric. As I initially mentioned, we added a new feature that allows users to track if their competitor's are using Litmus in email. This is a great indicator for how your competitors are leveraging technology to enhance their email marketing efforts.

Users can now view the Litmus feature in both the Dashboard View (above) and in the Trends view (below).

We're really pleased with how this new feature has turned out. As a user, it's been great to not only track adoption of technologies like Litmus across brands, but also pair this with our tagging feature to see what usage looks like across different industries. And, perhaps, most intriguing to me is to see the frequency of usage. In the above screenshot, you can see that Brand 3 used Litmus in 10% of their email sends. An observation that certainly created new questions, and allowed me to use the SendView inbox tool to do a deeper dive.

If you'd like to learn more about the new Litmus feature, drop us a comment. If you'd like to learn more about Sendview, check out our website or send us a note.