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Introducing, the “Edit in Parcel” button!

  Gregg Blanchard     December 9, 2021    

When you emails land in your Gmail or Outlook inbox, the idea of digging into the HTML and tweaking with the code is next to impossible. With SendView, however, the more I made all that email HTML accessible, the more I wanted to not just see the code but play with the code.

Enter Avi Goldman. Avi is building Parcel, an incredible email-specific code editor.

A few months ago Avi and I were jamming about our respective product roadmaps and ideas and goals. When we started chatting about those email editing dreams, a really intriguing idea came up:

What if someone could click a button next to a campaign in SendView that would push the HTML behind that email right into Parcel's editor?

We both loved the idea, but we were also busy with other things. Then a few weeks ago we started chatting through this integration again, Avi started building, I wired it into our interface, we tested, we fixed, we tested some more until it was ready for action.

Introducing: Edit in Parcel

Today we are extremely excited to announce that...drumroll please...the "Edit in Parcel" button is now live in SendView!

In both the Inbox and Timelines views, you'll see a button right next to the Embed and Save options whenever you're looking at a campaign.

screenshot of edit in parcel button

Click that snazzy button and the HTML behind the email you're enjoying will open right in the Parcel Playground editor.

screenshot of parcel playground editor

Now, of course you can edit the email from here, but if you've got a Parcel account and you're logged in, you can also:

  • Send yourself (or your team) a test email
  • Save the email to your account (this option will show once you make a couple changes)
  • Quickly toggle to your dashboard from the nav

Parcel does offer free accounts that include stuff like mobile testing, image toggling, and visual impairment simulations (which, I gotta say, may be my favorite feature), but $12/mo for the full enchilada is a price I gladly pay and I think you'll agree.

If you're a SendView user, the Edit in Parcel button is live on your account. If you're not and you're looking for a better way to track your competitors' email tactics, Patrick and I would be tickled if you gave our platform a try.