Fresh Features

Three slick updates to the SendView Inbox: downloads, embeds, and arrow keys.

  Gregg Blanchard     September 9, 2021    

I'm pretty excited to roll out a pretty dang slick update to SendView this morning. All three are to the Inbox feature but some of this will be available from other places as well (like Timelines) once they're out in the wild a bit longer.

Original HTML Download

download HTML button screenshot

The first is the ability to download the original HTML of an email with one click. You could always view the formatted HTML before by clicking the "HTML" dropdown on any email or viewing the source, but this just makes it super simple to download the original code so you can play with it in Parcel, upload it to Really Good Emails, or whatever your email-loving heart desires.

Email Embed Code

embed code screenshot

Next is one I'm really excited about: email embeds. This will let you take an email you receive in SendView and embed it directly into a web page or blog post. Click the button (it's right next to the download button when viewing a campaign in your inbox) and it will generate a small snippet of HTML you can drop into your own code to showcase this email anywhere you'd like. Your tracking address and all links are stripped from the email so it's safe to put right into an this one.

The embed widget even lets folks view a simple mobile preview and the source code right from the embed.

Navigate Between Emails with Arrow Keys

arrow keys walkthrough

The last thing isn't something visible, but it's a handy little update that'll save a lot of time for those folks who spend a lot of time analyzing emails from their inbox. Instead of clicking "Prev" or "Next" above a campaign to move through your list of emails, you can just click the right and left arrows on your keyboard. Ever since I had this live on my own account, I've found myself using this feature almost exclusively when I'm digging into my inbox.

If you're a SendView user, you can log in now to take these features for a spin. If you're not, Patrick and I would be over the moon if you gave our platform a try.