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(Re)launching on Product Hunt

  Gregg Blanchard     September 2, 2021    

Growing and running an app like SendView is all about experimentation and trying new things. Some stuff works, some stuff doesn't, but you never know till you find out.

I've seen a lot of apps relaunch on Product Hunt every couple years after they add a bunch of new features, so I figured I'd do the same with one of our tools - ESP Finder - that we launched nearly two and a half years ago back in June of 2019.

When I first built ESP Finder it:

  • could identify about 70-80 ESPs
  • took about 10-20 seconds to reply
  • was based on about 100 data points.

Not bad, right? Especially given the (lack of) alternatives.

But, now, ESP Finder:

  • can identify over 140 different ESPs
  • takes about 5-10 seconds to send the reply with the answer
  • uses more than 220 datapoints to give pretty dang accurate responses

So I figured I'd give this strategy a try with something simple like this tool before decided whether or not to do it on SendView as a whole which has changed even more in the years since I first posted it to Product Hunt.

Will the relaunch work?

I have no idea! But you can follow along over on Product Hunt: