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Three Reasons Why We Love (and Use) Neverbounce

  Gregg Blanchard     January 31, 2019    

Holy smokes there are a lot of email verification tools out there.

I swear it was just a year or two ago when this really became a thing, and now you can Google "email verification" and get page after page of results with tools that look just as sassy as the last.


But of all those tools, I tend to stick with one: Neverbounce.

But, Gregg, haven't you heard of [this] and [that] and [the other thing]? They are so much more robust and account for solar radiation and viral coefficients!

Indeed I have, but, solar radiation aside, I come back to Neverbounce for three simple reasons.

First, it's crazy-easy to use. I've used tools that require your emails and columns to be perfectly formatted to their exact specs. Not so with Neverbounce. The upload interface and requirements are simple and forgiving.

And all those integrations on the left side make cleaning up and analyzing your lists that much simpler.

Second, the price is right. Sometimes these tools have tiers and other times they are only designed for the big guys, but given my most recent Neverbounce purchase was a list of ~320 emails, I love that the pricing works just as well for me as it does for a Fortune 500 company.

SendView may not be making millions, but I can afford $2.57 to make sure the latest round of additions to our list are solid.

Third, and perhaps most important, it works great. I've thrown some curve balls at Neverbounce and been completely impressed by the output.

Working with smaller lists like I do makes it much easier to spot anomalies, but so far I've been pleasantly surprised by the lack thereof.

Make it So

So, yeah, I dig Neverbounce. It's dead simple to use, priced in a way that works for any sender of any size, and has really accurate results.

Tough to beat a trifecta like that.