Terrific Tools

I love indie email tools, like FeedLetter.

  Gregg Blanchard     August 30, 2021    

As I've started to write more, I've also found myself more aware of and curious about some of the tools created by makers like me and Patrick.

This folks are taking the feature requests that may exist with on ESP or have sat on the roadmaps of other platforms for years - if not decades - and turning them into products that elegantly solve simply problems for email marketers around the globe.

Newsletter Glue is one of those. So is Parcel.

Today I want to share another; FeedLetter.


I need to back up a little. Ever since the arrival of social media for brands, I've wished that there were a method of feedback on emails that went beyond the implied-meaning of opens and clicks. Something, like social media, that told me if people liked my email and wanted more of it. I've seen this show up here and there, but never in a way that anyone could use.

But that's exactly what FeedLetter has done. At the bottom of your emails sits a simple, three-option survey (that doesn't look like a survey).

feedletter survey screenshot

Click one of those options and you'll be taken to form that allows you to (optionally) add a bit of explanation around why you selected what you did.

And notice how you can even record audio if you'd like?

What I love about this two-step approach is that it gives you both a quantitative bit of data (the "score" for each email) as well as a qualitative bit of data (the free response survey results). It's like Delighted but for your subscribers instead of just your customers or users.

The focus with FeedLetter is on newsletters, but I think it could be quickly expand into just about any email so marketers get clear, click-tied insights above and beyond traditional metrics.

Which could come in extra handy once Apple Mail's changes roll out.

One for All

What I love about indie makers building this stuff instead of an ESP is that they can integrate with any ESP they'd like. Suddenly, just by one person building the feature, everyone can use it.

I love this kind of stuff, I really do.

Like a downtown area that is revitalized when it's filled with lots of little places to eat and shop and hang out instead of just one big destination, indie makers are contributed a bunch of small, but helpful, bits of functionality to the email marketing landscape that are making the industry better for everyone.

Great work to Jens for his work on FeedLetter and kudos to all the other makers out there doing similarly cool stuff.