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SendView’s big, key difference.

  Gregg Blanchard     January 29, 2019    

If you read the post about who we are, how adorable our children are, and what we're trying to build, you may be left with one lingering question:

Gregg, Patrick, you seem like great guys and, yes, your kids are adorable...but why are you building another competitor analysis tool for email? Aren't there a couple of those already?

If you've been around email marketing circles for a while, you've probably heard of a tool that, on the surface, seems to be a like-for-like alternative.

But, in the words of my dear mother, you'd be wrong.


Because when you look at these tools, they're great and lovely and built by talented people, but for the most part they don't actually let you analyze your competitors. Instead, you can analyze one of the companies in their database who may or may not be your competitors.

Don't get me wrong, you can learn some great stuff by doing so, but monitoring a random company is not the same thing as monitoring the guys across the street.

But can't you request that they add your competitors to the database?

Some do, but because everyone gets access they're forced to join their lists in a standard, one-time, generic way. And even then, campaigns are only half the story of email marketing.


SendView is different. There is no database of companies, it's all about giving you control. We don't fight your urge to sign up for competitors' newsletters or email lists, we simply give you a different, better type of email address to use when you do. 

"So, what if I want to track a competitor's onboarding sequence by creating an account?" Yeah, you could use a SendView tracking address to do that.

"How about if I want to abandon a cart full of products like mine in their ecommerce engine to see how they remarket to me?" Yep, just as simple.

"Maybe I'll download that whitepaper they just released to see what kind of automated nurture campaign they hit me with?" Done and done.

Everything sent to your tracking addresses is parsed and broken down into dashboards, timelines, stats, and trends that help you see exactly how, when, and what they send.

And no one else gets access, it's all about you.

Not Just Newsletters

What we're building here isn't about just seeing a competitor's monthly newsletter or Cyber Monday campaigns, it's about tracking every aspect of their email marketing strategy from the form you use all the way through to the ways you interact with their campaigns along the way.

So, yeah, SendView is a competitor tracking platform. But, it's also much, much more. Wanna take it for a spin?