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What’s New: Subject Line Word Cloud on SendView

  Patrick Sande     September 29, 2019    

The Subject Line. I'll argue that it is the most important component of your email and something all email marketers regularly think about and weigh with great importance. As the sender of emails, we have the advantage of measuring the effectiveness of a subject line and using that information to drive our efforts forward. As the recipient of an email, our competitor's email, we don't have the same tools to work with.

Enter SendView's newest feature: Subject Line Word Cloud. Driven by the simple question, "What if you could visualize your competitor's subject lines?" Imagine being able to quickly view which keywords were showing up with the greatest frequency and how that could help you in your efforts.

As I've started playing with Word Cloud, there are several aspects that I'm really digging. Here are my current top 3:

1.) Word Cloud dynamically updates to whatever parameters you use. Would you like to see top keywords from summer 2019? No problem. Want to hone in on keywords for a the past seven days? Yup.

2.) Word Cloud lets me move past being making snap judgments that happen only as a new email lands in my inbox. It allows me to look holistically at all emails sent by my competitor to flush out trends and tactics they're using in their marketing efforts.

3.) Because I have a better overview of what my competitor's are saying, I can make more informed decisions on how I want to be crafting my subject line strategies. Are there key words I'm not thinking of? Or keywords I should try to avoid? These are new opportunities with Word Cloud.

We think you'll find a lot of great opportunity with the Subject Line Word Cloud in SendView. If you're interested in learning more about SendView, hop on over and check it out. If you have feedback or questions on Subject Line Word Cloud, give us a shout.