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This was the most common email send time from October Email Stats

  Patrick Sande     November 15, 2019    

Another month in the books and I've got a fresh set of email stats for you review. This month, we added in Most Common Send Time for the month. With three months of data now in the books, I've really enjoyed comparing metrics and theorizing the why's. With that, here are the stats:

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In last month's post, we talked about the surprise of seeing Monday show up as the most common send day in September. Things are looking much more familiar with Thursday being the most common send day for October. With Black Friday just around the bend, I'm anxious to see how or if anything will change on this metric.

New in this month's summary is the addition of Most Frequent Send Time. Insert quick drum roll.... 6:30PM (EST)! Again, I'm looking forward to watching this metric and seeing how it changes over time.


Looking at email sends by date for October, Halloween was the day with the highest send volume, which is exactly what I was expecting to see. One of the other trends we see is a steady rise in send volume throughout the work week. That volume also tends to build throughout the month, peaking in the final week of October, which makes good sense.

The metric I'd like to key in on this month is Average Spam Score. I'm intrigued by how low the overall average spam scores are each month. At SendView, we use SpamAssassin for Spam scoring and I'm impressed to see such low scores overall. There are certainly some outliers in the raw data, but scores of less than 1.0 are really great to see. If you'd like to know a bit more about SpamAssassin, here's a nice summary and article by Email on Acid.

If you have any insights or feedback you'd be open to sharing, leave a comment!