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SendView adds Emoji Metric

  Patrick Sande     February 13, 2020    

There's no denying that emoji have found a comfortable home in email subjects. Emoji first made an appearance back in 2015 and usage seemingly continues to grow. And for good reason, they work!

With that, we thought it was due time to add an emoji metric to the SendView so you can track how and when your competitors are using emoji in their email subject lines. This month, we added the new emoji metric to a couple places in SendView.

SendView Dashboard

Emoji metrics now in the SendView dashboard view

In the Dashboard, you can now see the Top Subject Line Emoji along with frequency of use for your date range. I'm really digging this because I had no idea there were so many heart related emoji, Valentine's Day must be just around the corner. Kidding aside, I've found the new metric to be insightful, especially when looking into tactics employed by certain industries, like retail marketing.

SendView Trends

Emoji metrics viewable in Trends

We also added the option to view emoji metrics in SendView Trends. This has been really fascinating, especially when used in conjunction with our tagging feature. I've been comparing emoji usage across different industries and across all my accounts and it's been eye opening. One of the new metrics that I'm loving is % Using Emoji. As a marketer, this can give you really quick insight into broader trends across your competitors set and industry. In the screenshot above, for example, 16.1% of email sent by a retail brand contained an emoji in the subject line. Compare that to 8.9% across all brands I follow.

So, what next?
If you're a current SendView user, this new feature has already been enabled in your account. Hop in, take a look around and let us know what you think. If you're not already a SendView user, what are you waiting for? Head over and join our waiting list today. We'll be opening up more accounts soon and we'd love to have you check us out!