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Five Email Stats on the 2020 Presidential Race

  Patrick Sande     November 20, 2019    

We've been using SendView to monitor the the 2020 Presidential Race. It was an idea Mike Donnelly over at Seventh Sense shared with us and it really intrigued me. I'd categorize myself as a political junkie and thought this would be a really interesting way to use SendView and generate content for our blog. So, before I dive in; thanks, Mike! If you're interested in sending emails with laser precision, check out what Seventh Sense can do for you.

Now, to the stats. We've been monitoring email activity of each of the 2020 Presidential candidates and are seeing some really fascinating insights. Here are five fun findings so far:

5.) 101 Emails: Number of emails Julian Castro has sent in the past 30 days. That's 3.3 emails/day!

4.) 250 Characters: The length of one of Bernie Sander's recent subject lines. The average length of a subject line for all candidates is 36.2 characters. There's something about this that's just perfectly Bernie.

3.) 26.3 Emails: The average number of emails sent by all presidential candidates in the past 30 days.

2.) 0.09: The average SPAM Score of all emails sent by presidential candidates in the past 30 days. Considering most of these emails are asking for donations, I'm pretty floored by this stat.

1.) Tuesday: The most common send day for email by all presidential candidates in the past 30 days. The old adage of Tuesday and Thursday's being the best day to send email holds true, even when you're running for president.

Interested in more? Then let me introduce you to Presidential Senders. We just built out this dashboard designed to monitor email marketing insights for all presidential candidates and we're really excited about it. It's updated in real time and full of awesome insights. Take a peek and let us know your thoughts!