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Seven things your inbox can’t do (but SendView can).

  Gregg Blanchard     April 14, 2023    

So you subscribed to your competitors emails using your work (or a sneaky personal) email address, their campaigns start arriving and then... them?

Not that reading them is a bad thing, but Gmail and Outlook just aren't designed for all the other stuff you'd like to do with those campaigns.

Luckily, SendView is.

#1) Mobile Preview

Just toggle from Desktop to Mobile in the email detail view.

screenshot of email mobile preview

#2) See the ESP They Used

Visible in both the inbox and email detail view.

screenshot of ESP view

#3) Share Links

No more forwards with broken layouts, just copy and send to your entire team.

screenshot of share links

#4) Gmail Annotations Preview

Just toggle from the Desktop to Gmail in the email detail view.

screenshot of gmail annotations preview

#5) Edit in Parcel

One click loads the campaign's HTML in email's best editor; Parcel.

screenshot of edit in parcel button

#6) Embed in a Web Page

Blogging or showing off, it only takes a couple clicks.

screenshot of embed code for emails

#7) View the Source Code

Last but not least, toggle over to HTML anytime to see the original code for that email.

screenshot of source code view

Wish your inbox did this?

Maybe it's time to give SendView a try so you can better track your competitors' email strategy.