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SendView Email Trends Now Delivered to Your Inbox!

  Patrick Sande     January 12, 2023    

One thing I absolutely love about SendView is the ease in which I can dive into email insights and strategies. I love being able to seek out an answer to a question and then explore new curiosities about what my competitors are doing and what I can learn. That said, time isn't always on my side which is why I'm so excited about our newest feature release.

Image of report setup tool
Setting up an automated monthly report in SendView is easy

With our new reporting feature, you can now receive an automated email summary of your competitors email marketing strategies directly to your inbox. The report will run on the first of each month and provide you with a PDF report summarizing all the activity that happened in your SendView account over the prior month.

We think this is a great solution for those times when it's tough to find time to log into your SendView account and you want a quick access to email marketing trends and insights.

Both new and existing users have access to Reports, which can be found by clicking My Account in the upper right-hand side of the platform. Enter your email and opt into the reporting feature and you're all set.

Once you've signed up, you'll start to receive a monthly report that provides you with a Dashboard of each of the competitors you're tracking.

Take a peek and let us know what you think!