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Sendview adds View Source and Mobile Preview Feature

  Patrick Sande     October 17, 2019    

SendView’s newest feature is now live and we're pretty excited about it.  Users now have the ability to review a competitor’s email using View Source, Mobile preview and Desktop preview directly from the SendView inbox.

View Source and Mobile Preview is available to all SendView users directly from the SendView inbox. Click any email to load the preview and users will see a newly added drop down that will allow you to toggle between Desktop, Mobile, and Source views.

Here are two easy reasons we we're really loving this new feature:

#1.) Uncover design elements from your competitor's emails.
As they say, imitation is a form of flattery! Are you curious about a font, image or styling element? What about that cool countdown timer? With Source View you've got unfettered access to your competitor's HTML.

#2.) Learning from some of the best in the biz.
Want to see how some of the best email marketers are designing and optimizing emails? A quick toggle between Mobile and Desktop views give you instant insight into how email layout changes across devices. Additionally, with Source View, you have direct access to HTML comments, which can be amazingly insightful. Take this example from Saucony, a quick peek at the HTML shows me the comments associated with the various styles of the email, something that could certainly provide me with new insights I can bring back to my own emails.

As I said, we're really excited about this new feature. For any of our SendView users, it's live and ready for you to use today. For those of you who want to know more, jump on the wait list today at SENDVIEW.