Fresh Features

SendView Adds From Name to Inbox and Timeline Views

  Patrick Sande     May 13, 2021    

Thanks to some great user feedback, we have a new feature that we're pretty excited to roll out to everyone. Now, users can not only view but also search their Inbox and Timeline views by From Name. Users have always been able to view by the name of the brand they assign to an address, e.g. Lululemon, which covers most of our user's needs. However, there are plenty of situations where a brand or sender will vary the From Name and this is now trackable with SendView!

Click to view full image. Notice how the From Name changes?

In the above example, you can see where this becomes very useful. The Joe Biden Campaign frequently changes the From Name, which is a valuable insight.

Search by From Name

Along with adding a view for From Name, we've also added the ability for users to search by Subject Line keywords, From Name keywords, or both! By selecting the Advanced Search feature, users will now see a drop down on the Keyword Search so that they can specify the type of search they want to do. This is a great for cases where you want to search for a From Name that falls under one of your brand addresses. An example of this would be my Banana Republic tracking address. Sometimes the From Name is Banana Republic while other times it's Athleta or Gap. By specifying that I want to view just emails from my Banana Republic address and where From Name includes Gap, I can filter out the other emails from my inbox and Timeline views. Pretty fun!

Take a peek and let us know what you think!