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New Feature: Tracking Address Notes

  Patrick Sande     October 19, 2023    

I love notes. Notepad, Notes Apps, Post-it Notes, writing notes for the kids' lunchboxes, you name it. They are a great way to remember some of those critical little details that are otherwise fleeting in this busy world we live in.

"I'd like to be able to reference back to [the specifics of] how I added a tracking address to one of my competitors lists."

With Tracking Address Notes, users can now add a brief description or note to any tracking address they create in SendView. It was a great idea from one of our users that made perfect sense is now a feature available to all SendView users.

All users have access to this feature and can add a description or note for each tracking address created. This can be immensely helpful when trying to recall any important details associated with the new address. Whether you want to document that an address was used for a purchase, used on a sign-up form, or that you included specific details in a preference center, notes is a great companion. One less thing to try and remember is always helpful in my book

To use notes, simply click the "Show all settings" and add any notes as you create your new address. Users can also add notes to tracking addresses that have already been created. Click on the "Edit" button of an address in your list of created addresses and you'll now see a field dedicated to notes.

A straight forward feature to make things just that much easier for our users.