Fresh Features

New COVID-19 Report and Search Functionality

  Gregg Blanchard     March 17, 2020    

In the last few weeks marketers across the world - ourselves very much included - have tried to wrap their heads around what COVID-19 means for their efforts. Our minds are full of questions:

  • Do you keep talking?
  • Shut up for a while?
  • If you do say something, how do you say it?
  • How many other marketers are talking about it in their campaigns?
  • How are they discussing it?

To that end, we've added three new features within the SendView platform to help marketers understand the trends and pinpoint the ways other marketers are approaching this.

New Report

First, there is a new report available in the Trends tab called "Coronavirus". This report will outline how many of the brands you are monitoring - both individually and as a whole - have mentioned it in their emails.

Inbox Column & Search

We've also added to the inbox the ability to toggle on/off a column that shows which individual emails have mentioned Coronavirus. You can also search for emails that do or do not mention Coronavirus.


Finally, we've also added the percentage of emails containing coronavirus mentions to the "Template" area of each brand's dashboard.

If you have other ideas of ways we could better highlight, analyze, or learn from these emails, please let us know. We'd love to hear what your specific needs are as you work through these challenges.