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Your favorite emails just got their own page in SendView!

  Gregg Blanchard     April 7, 2023    

When we first introduced the ability to "star" emails and mark your favorites, we weren't sure what usage would look like.

Though a little slow at first, we've seen more and more emails getting marked as favorite during the last little while. And while you can filter your inbox by favorites and peruse them like other emails in your inbox, we wanted to give this collection of inspiring campaigns their own, dedicated home.

So, you can now see all of these emails on the Favorites tab!

screenshot of the favorites tab

It's pretty straightforward, but let me point out three key features.

#1) Toggle Size

First, you can toggle between small thumbnails and large thumbnails depending on whether you want to visually skim your favorites or look a little closer at each one.

the control to toggle thumbnail size

#2) Click for Details

Just like in your inbox, you can click on each email and get the full detail view for that campaign including all the additional actions like viewing the HTML, editing in Parcel, mobile preview, etc. You can also use the left/right arrow keys to move between emails.

screenshot of the details view

#3) Filter by Tags

If you're using tags to categorize your competitors, you'll see the tag dropdown on the far right that will let you filter your favorites by emails sent by brands with that tag.

screenshot of the tags filter

Have any other ideas for the Favorites tab? Let us know!