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Reddit for Business Email Marketing Insights

If you've ever been inspired by Reddit for Business's email campaigns, here are five things to know about Reddit for Business's email marketing strategy, send frequency, tech stack, and timing for the campaigns they deliver to their subscribers and audience.

What email marketing tool / ESP does Reddit for Business use?

Reddit for Business typically uses HubSpot to send their marketing emails. Keep in mind they may use a different system for transactional emails.


How many marketing emails does Reddit for Business send?

To a normal email subscriber, Reddit for Business typically sends about 1 marketing emails per week. This comes out to approximately 3 emails per month.


What day does Reddit for Business usually send marketing emails?

Reddit for Business's busiest day for sending marketing emails is usually Monday.


What time of day does Reddit for Business usually send marketing emails?

Based on our data, Reddit for Business usually sends most of their marketing emails between 9:00 - 9:59am ET.

MOST COMMON TIME 9:00 - 9:59am ET

How long are Reddit for Business's marketing emails?

Of the campaigns we analyzed, the average length of a Reddit for Business marketing email is 339 words which is pretty close to average compared to other campaigns we've analyzed.


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