An Idea: Managed SendView

  Gregg Blanchard     Apr 10, 2020    

Patrick and I want to try something. The idea is this: Instead of someone signing up and using SendView themselves, a potential user would have the option to choose an expert to manage their account for them instead. That email expert would do the work of signing up for emails, reading the data, and sharing takeaways and opportunities. Someone could still get all the value SendView provides, without having "one more thing" on their plate or "yet another" site to check.

How It Would Work

Here's how we're thinking this would work.

  • We'd assemble an initially small group of email experts interested in participating.
  • We'd promote them right next to our normal pricing table as an alternate way to use SendView.
  • Someone would browse our list of experts and reach out to the one(s) with the most relevant experience.
  • The expert would work with them to establish goals, deliverables, pricing, etc.
  • Once they sign on the dotted line, the expert could create an account to use on behalf of that client.


SendView costs money, and we want to ensure that these experts aren't paying for nothing and don't have to take on risk to participate, so financially it'd work like this.

  • Each expert would get a free account they could use to learn the system.
  • An expert would only pay for additional accounts (to use on behalf of a client) once they sign a new client.
  • Instead of paying the full rate, experts would pay 70% of the normal price to give them more room to profit off each client.

In other words, experts wouldn't have to pay for anything until they've started to get paid by a client.


Will it work? We really think it can, but there's only one way to find out! We're hopeful it can help talented marketers make a little money on the side or between jobs, or help consultants increase their fees and offerings.

If you're interested, just let us know. We'd love to chat.


Q: What if a client canceled and decided to use SendView on their own?

A: In this case, we would still only take 70% of their fees and give 30% back to the expert they had worked with as a sort of "finders fee." That would feel fair and keep our incentives aligned.

Q: Could I upsell a client on other services as well?

A: Absolutely. The final service, deliverables, and pricing would be totally up to you and the client. Want to upsell them a whole list of other services? By all means.

Q: How many experts would someone be choosing from?

A: Our goal initially is 6, but if this idea is successful that number would grow as we try to find a diverse group of experts folks could choose from.

Have more questions? Just let us know.