Track your competitors' email marketing tactics.

Subscribe to your competitors' emails with SendView, and instead of a bloated inbox you'll get dashboards full of insights.

How it Works
screenshots of SendView email competitor monitoring reports and dashboard

Still using your personal address to subscribe to competitor emails?

Gmail and Outlook are great, but they’re designed for reading emails, not analyzing them.

  • Only designed to read emails.
  • No insights on sender's strategy.
  • No way to identify the ESP.
  • Can't see original source code.
screenshot of typical Gmail inbox

There's a better way.

Instead of signing up for other companies' emails with your personal address:

Add to SendView

Just add the companies you want to track to your account.

New Address Generated

SendView will generate a special tracking email address for each one.

Use That Instead

Then just use that address (instead of your own) to sign up for their emails.

An inbox designed for analysis.

Dig into marketing emails like never before.

  • Toggle over a dozen columns like ESP and spam score.
  • View original source code and preview on mobile.
  • Search based on tech, template, timing, and more.
screenshot of columns feature within SendView competitor tracking Inbox

Detailed company dashboards.

Visualize and compare each sender’s strategy

  • Monitor their content calendar, word clouds, and more.
  • Compare email marketing strategy side-by-side.
  • Easily track each company’s email tech stack.
screenshot of SendView competitor dashboards feature

Over a dozen trend reports.

Zoom out and monitor trends and strategy across all senders.

  • Identify most common send times and days.
  • Monitor adoption of email technology and tactics.
  • Filter trends by subgroups / tags for deeper analysis.
screenshot of typical SendView comepetitor trends report

Visual campaign timelines.

Visually walk through exactly what happened after you clicked submit.

  • See key stats and technology behind each campaign.
  • Track how many days pass between emails.
  • View the full, original templates without having to click on each one.
screenshot of SendView competitor email campaign timelines feature


Campaigns Share Links

Every campaigns gets a simple, short link so it's easy to share campaigns with your team or agency.

Annotation Preview

Built-in Gmail Mobile previews for campaigns that include Google email annotation code.

Auto-Open Emails

Want to avoid being dropped from a list due to inactivity? Enable auto-open for that address.

Split Test Programs

Create multiple addresses for the same company to test newsletter vs abandoned cart, etc.

Highlighted Source Code

See the original source code with syntax highlighting, numbered lines, and optional line wrapping.

Advanced Search

Filter your inbox by searching for campaigns by ESP, tracking code, send time, word count, and more.

Save Your Favorites

Build a collection of your favorite emails you can use to inspire your strategy and campaigns.

Tag & Filter

Add multiple tags to each addresses and then filter reports, inbox views, or dashboards by those tags.

DKIM/SPF Visibility

Easily see whether individual email campaigns are being signed with DKIM, SPF, or both.

Embed Emails

Copy and paste the embed code for any campaigns right in blog posts, stories, or webpages.

Download Original HTML

Easily download the original code of any email with a single click from your inbox or timelines.

Edit in Parcel

Our new integration with Parcel allows you to push any campaigns HTML right to Parcel for editing/testing.

Emails analyzed by our awesome users:

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7 5 9 , 2 2 1

"SendView makes it easy to track clients and competitors email campaigns to gain metrics without flooding your inbox."

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Make your next campaign your best.

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"Want to know your competitors' email marketing strategy? SendView is for you. It's a must-have tool for online marketing."

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