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We've subscribed to both candidates' emails and wired the results into this real-time dashboard of campaigns and trends leading up to the 2020 election.

Daily Emails Sent Jan 1, 2020 - Jan 20, 2021


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Emails / Day 30 day average

Trump 3.5
Biden 2.2

Spam Score 30 day average

Trump 0.000
Biden 0.000

Word Count 30 day average

Trump 766
Biden 416

Live Campaign Timeline Camapaigns Listed Newest to Oldest

FRIDAY, APR 9, 2021
Donald Trump Liberal Insanity Trump   /   8:03pm Joe Biden 🗞️ A newsletter for you: Jobs, vaccines, and holding Republicans accountable Biden   /   7:59pm Joe Biden Welcome Biden   /   7:25pm Donald Trump 🛑 It’s Urgent Trump   /   6:18pm Donald Trump See where your money is going Trump   /   3:03pm Joe Biden Stacey Abrams + Keisha Lance Bottoms + Jaime Harrison Biden   /   2:20pm Donald Trump Input requested Trump   /   1:19pm Donald Trump The first step Trump   /   11:03am
Donald Trump We’re holding a spot for you Trump   /   8:03pm Donald Trump You’ll never believe what George Soros is doing now… Trump   /   6:03pm Joe Biden re: Stacey Abrams’s call to action Biden   /   5:25pm Donald Trump You haven’t signed Melania Trump’s Birthday card? Trump   /   3:03pm Donald Trump Membership status: EXPIRED Trump   /   1:04pm Joe Biden More on billboards, digital ads, and holding Republicans accountable everywhere → Biden   /   11:46am Donald Trump Freedom Matters. Trump   /   11:03am
Donald Trump MLB Boycott Trump   /   9:03pm Donald Trump Freedom is calling 📞 Trump   /   7:03pm Donald Trump Big Tech = BIG Problems Trump   /   3:03pm Donald Trump DeSantis vs. Cuomo Trump   /   1:03pm Joe Biden re: Stacey Abrams’s call to action Biden   /   12:52pm Donald Trump Liberal Mega Donors Trump   /   11:03am
TUESDAY, APR 6, 2021
Donald Trump Please confirm Trump   /   9:07pm Joe Biden illegal to hand someone a bottle of water if they’re waiting in line to vote? → Biden   /   8:03pm Donald Trump Petition to defend election security... Trump   /   7:07pm Joe Biden re: White House First Dogs Champ and Major → Biden   /   3:39pm Donald Trump Where have you been? Trump   /   3:08pm Donald Trump 🚨 Critical Fundraising Alert 🚨 Trump   /   1:12pm Joe Biden illegal to hand someone a bottle of water if they’re waiting in line to vote? Biden   /   12:55pm Donald Trump President Trump starting own Social Media Platform Trump   /   11:07am
MONDAY, APR 5, 2021
Donald Trump I want to hear from you Trump   /   7:13pm Donald Trump Your audit enclosed (via RNC) Trump   /   3:07pm Joe Biden President Biden’s approval: SURGING Biden   /   11:54am Donald Trump Save GA election reform Trump   /   11:13am
SUNDAY, APR 4, 2021
Donald Trump The Biden Border Crisis is out of Control. Trump   /   7:13pm Donald Trump President Trump starting own Social Media Platform Trump   /   4:07pm Donald Trump Happy Easter, Donald Trump   /   12:07pm Joe Biden Joe + Jill + Champ 🐶 + Major 🐶 Biden   /   11:34am
Donald Trump Protect Fair Elections Trump   /   7:13pm Donald Trump Where have you been? Trump   /   5:07pm Donald Trump 2021 Republican Party Platform Audit Trump   /   3:13pm Joe Biden Should I put in an order for you? Biden   /   11:48am Donald Trump Joe Biden is failing us Trump   /   11:07am
FRIDAY, APR 2, 2021
Donald Trump Audit enclosed... Trump   /   7:12pm Joe Biden Rest assured Biden   /   3:21pm Donald Trump Our movement Trump   /   3:07pm Donald Trump Are you with us? Trump   /   11:07am
Donald Trump Breaking: Big Tech strikes again Trump   /   7:07pm Donald Trump Protect Fair Elections Trump   /   3:07pm Joe Biden A note for you Biden   /   11:56am Donald Trump Audit Required Trump   /   11:13am
Joe Biden [LAST CHANCE] Your Democratic membership Biden   /   10:02pm Donald Trump 🌞🌞 Sunny Palm Beach 🌞🌞 Trump   /   10:02pm Joe Biden Please: Biden   /   7:44pm Joe Biden I hope you’ll take a minute to read this longer email about what it means to be a Biden-Harris Founding Donor and then think about chipping in a few bucks before the DNC’s deadline tonight → Biden   /   7:29pm Donald Trump 🚨 Final Day of End-of-Quarter 🚨 Trump   /   7:13pm Joe Biden 2,359 Biden-Harris Founding Donors + You Biden   /   6:35pm Donald Trump This is it Trump   /   5:07pm Donald Trump Shaping our platform Trump   /   3:12pm Joe Biden I hope you’ll take a minute to read this longer email about what it means to be a Biden-Harris Founding Donor and then think about chipping in a few bucks before the DNC’s deadline tonight: Biden   /   2:44pm Donald Trump Final Notice ❗❗ Trump   /   1:07pm Donald Trump ⏰ Time’s running out ⏰ Trump   /   11:13am Donald Trump Attend the RNC Spring Retreat Trump   /   9:08am
TUESDAY, MAR 30, 2021
Joe Biden White House ✅ First Dogs Champ and Major ✅ A limited-edition print just for you → Biden   /   9:13pm Donald Trump The Most Important End-of-Quarter Deadline yet Trump   /   7:13pm Donald Trump Meet President Trump Trump   /   5:08pm Joe Biden This deadline is about showing we won’t sit by while Republicans attack the right to vote. Here’s why: Biden   /   3:18pm Donald Trump Your audit enclosed (via RNC) Trump   /   3:07pm Joe Biden [FINAL CALL] Official 2021 DNC Membership Cards Biden   /   1:26pm Donald Trump About to give up Trump   /   1:13pm Donald Trump 250% Impact Offer Extended Trump   /   10:37am Joe Biden re: tomorrow’s deadline Biden   /   10:28am
MONDAY, MAR 29, 2021
Joe Biden re: your DNC membership [LAST CHANCE] Biden   /   8:19pm Joe Biden re: Morning Joe Biden   /   7:25pm Donald Trump End-of-Quarter Donor File Enclosed Trump   /   7:13pm Donald Trump You + President Trump Trump   /   4:07pm Joe Biden A humble request: Biden   /   2:31pm Joe Biden re: protecting our Senate majority Biden   /   2:19pm Donald Trump 🚨 The stakes are very high 🚨 Trump   /   1:20pm Joe Biden Time is running out to renew your membership (Wednesday deadline) → Biden   /   11:27am Donald Trump Trump Social Media Survey Trump   /   10:43am Joe Biden A humble request Biden   /   10:40am
SUNDAY, MAR 28, 2021
Joe Biden [LAST CHANCE] Your 2021 DNC membership card → Biden   /   9:16pm Donald Trump Flight to Palm Beach boarding soon ✈🌴 Trump   /   7:13pm Joe Biden I got my start in rock-and-roll, but I've always been an activist at heart Biden   /   4:43pm Donald Trump Biden is doubling down Trump   /   3:13pm Donald Trump ⚠️ Help us Reach our End-of-Quarter Goal ⚠️ Trump   /   11:07am
SATURDAY, MAR 27, 2021
Joe Biden re: Georgia → Biden   /   7:24pm Donald Trump Will you be there? Trump   /   7:22pm Joe Biden The hard work starts right now: Biden   /   6:44pm Joe Biden [LAST CHANCE] Your 2021 DNC membership card Biden   /   5:25pm Donald Trump This is huge! Trump   /   3:12pm Joe Biden re: Georgia Biden   /   2:17pm Joe Biden [LAUNCHING] The Biden-Harris Founding Donor Fund Biden   /   12:13pm Donald Trump Renew your membership NOW Trump   /   11:12am
FRIDAY, MAR 26, 2021
Donald Trump We need your help Trump   /   7:22pm Joe Biden re: S.B. 202 Biden   /   4:25pm Donald Trump You have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT Trump   /   3:12pm Joe Biden White House ✅ First Dogs Champ and Major ✅ A limited-edition print just for you? Biden   /   1:28pm Donald Trump Exclusive Offer: ACTIVATED Trump   /   11:12am
THURSDAY, MAR 25, 2021
Donald Trump Biden’s press conference was a joke Trump   /   7:12pm Donald Trump Most important email you’ll get today Trump   /   2:52pm Joe Biden An earnest ask: Biden   /   1:44pm Donald Trump Protect voter ID laws Trump   /   11:12am Joe Biden A longer email about expanding the Democratic map by reaching communities across our country and how you can get involved (please read) Biden   /   10:06am
Donald Trump FLIGHT CONFIRMATION NUMBER: 9587723 Trump   /   7:22pm Donald Trump Come to Palm Beach Trump   /   3:12pm Joe Biden Rachel Maddow just talked about our billboard! → Biden   /   3:00pm Donald Trump The Biden Border Crisis Trump   /   11:12am
TUESDAY, MAR 23, 2021
Donald Trump Breaking: President Trump’s Social Media Platform Trump   /   7:22pm Donald Trump Stop the Biden Border Crisis Trump   /   3:12pm Joe Biden re: your limited-edition DNC membership card → Biden   /   2:46pm Joe Biden re: the “Help is Here” tour Biden   /   12:30pm Donald Trump Are you coming to Palm Beach? Trump   /   11:12am
MONDAY, MAR 22, 2021
Donald Trump Double-Entry Offer to attend the RNC Spring Retreat Trump   /   7:12pm Joe Biden Your morning cup of Joe (mug) → Biden   /   6:51pm Joe Biden (a live poll for you) Biden   /   5:45pm Donald Trump Help defeat The Left Trump   /   3:12pm Donald Trump Your personal extension Trump   /   12:37pm Joe Biden Your morning cup of Joe (mug): Biden   /   12:08pm
SUNDAY, MAR 21, 2021
Donald Trump Nontransferable invitation Trump   /   7:03pm Joe Biden Time is running out to renew your membership → Biden   /   4:17pm Donald Trump DOUBLE your chances Trump   /   3:03pm Joe Biden re: call time Biden   /   11:28am Donald Trump CONGRATULATIONS DONALD Trump   /   11:03am
SATURDAY, MAR 20, 2021
Donald Trump Exclusive Membership Details Trump   /   7:16pm Joe Biden White House updates for you: Biden   /   5:29pm Joe Biden See the American Rescue Plan in action 👀 Biden   /   4:04pm Donald Trump It’s Chairman Ronna McDaniel’s Birthday Trump   /   3:03pm Donald Trump For your eyes ONLY Trump   /   11:03am Joe Biden Jaime Harrison is calling Biden   /   10:17am
FRIDAY, MAR 19, 2021
Donald Trump Are you going to use your Double-Entry? Trump   /   7:16pm Joe Biden Help is here: Biden   /   5:33pm Joe Biden huge news re: the Senate → Biden   /   4:19pm Donald Trump A Very Important Birthday Card Trump   /   3:04pm Donald Trump Your personal extension Trump   /   11:04am Joe Biden re: President Biden’s “Help is Here” national tour Biden   /   10:16am
THURSDAY, MAR 18, 2021
Donald Trump DOUBLE-ENTRY: unlocked Trump   /   7:20pm Donald Trump Wish Chairman Ronna McDaniel a Happy Birthday Trump   /   5:04pm Donald Trump Application process reopened Trump   /   3:04pm Joe Biden President Obama, President Biden, and your Democratic membership: Biden   /   2:29pm Donald Trump IMMEDIATE RESPONSE NEEDED Trump   /   11:04am Joe Biden more on: anti-voter legislation Biden   /   10:21am
Donald Trump 🌴 Mar-a-Lago 🌴 Trump   /   7:19pm Donald Trump [CLASSIFIED] Trump   /   3:03pm Donald Trump ONLY 85 spots left Trump   /   11:03am
TUESDAY, MAR 16, 2021
Donald Trump Membership status: EXPIRED Trump   /   7:04pm Donald Trump DOUBLE-ENTRY Trump   /   3:04pm Donald Trump You’ve been selected Trump   /   11:04am
MONDAY, MAR 15, 2021
Donald Trump Can you keep a secret? Trump   /   7:03pm Donald Trump 2021 Membership: LAPSED Trump   /   3:04pm Joe Biden I hope you’ll read this longer email about the American Rescue Plan and why renewing your support of the DNC is critical to fortifying legislative successes like this in the future Biden   /   2:13pm Donald Trump This is your once in a lifetime chance Trump   /   11:04am Joe Biden This Republican just announced: Biden   /   10:07am
SUNDAY, MAR 14, 2021
Donald Trump YOU’VE BEEN SELECTED Trump   /   7:04pm Joe Biden You should see what's happening in Georgia and what the DNC is doing to fight back: Biden   /   3:45pm Donald Trump Do you support Melania Trump? Trump   /   3:03pm Joe Biden $1,400 checks, cutting child poverty in half, and so much more. Here's what's in the American Rescue Plan → Biden   /   11:22am Donald Trump Trump Legacy Member Status Trump   /   11:03am
SATURDAY, MAR 13, 2021
Donald Trump Melania Trump is waiting Trump   /   7:03pm Donald Trump Tell us what matters to you Trump   /   3:03pm Joe Biden This ad is going to help us sell the American Rescue Plan to the public Biden   /   11:41am Donald Trump Once in a lifetime opportunity Trump   /   11:04am
FRIDAY, MAR 12, 2021
Donald Trump First Lady Melania’s Birthday Card Trump   /   7:03pm Joe Biden Open for updates on the Biden-Harris administration → Biden   /   6:07pm Joe Biden Sign the American Rescue Plan card ✍️ Biden   /   4:53pm Donald Trump CONGRATULATIONS DONALD Trump   /   3:04pm Joe Biden Direct payments ✅ Vaccines ✅ Schools reopening ✅ Read more about the American Rescue Plan → Biden   /   1:24pm Donald Trump Entry MISSING Trump   /   11:05am
THURSDAY, MAR 11, 2021
Joe Biden re: President Biden's speech Biden   /   8:51pm Donald Trump Are you watching Tucker Carlson? Trump   /   8:04pm Joe Biden President Biden just signed: Biden   /   5:33pm Donald Trump Want to meet President Trump? Trump   /   3:04pm Joe Biden I hope you’ll take a second to read about the first 50 days of the Biden-Harris administration and Chair Harrison’s DNC: Biden   /   11:43am Donald Trump Wish Melania Trump a Happy Birthday Trump   /   11:33am
Donald Trump Exclusive Offer for Donald Trump   /   7:04pm
Donald Trump Our incredible Vice President Trump   /   11:37pm Joe Biden If I made you proud, will you chip in $25 tonight? Biden   /   11:23pm Donald Trump I just finished debating Kamala Harris Trump   /   10:43pm Joe Biden Counting on more donations before the debate ends Biden   /   9:48pm Donald Trump Are you watching? Trump   /   9:23pm Donald Trump Let’s do something BIG today Trump   /   7:41pm Joe Biden $25 before Kamala's debate tonight Biden   /   7:06pm Donald Trump TONIGHT Trump   /   6:07pm Donald Trump President Trump is a champion Trump   /   4:07pm Donald Trump Help defend Free Speech Trump   /   2:10pm Joe Biden TONIGHT: Join us as Kamala takes the debate stage Biden   /   12:09pm Donald Trump I’ve NEVER done this before Trump   /   12:06pm Joe Biden Please, stand with Kamala on this historic day Biden   /   10:47am Donald Trump The VP Debate is TONIGHT Trump   /   10:06am Donald Trump 9 PM TONIGHT Trump   /   9:06am Donald Trump Victory is within sight Trump   /   7:08am Donald Trump You’ll want to see this Trump   /   5:04am
TUESDAY, SEP 29, 2020
Donald Trump I just stepped off stage Trump   /   11:05pm Donald Trump My father is debating Joe Biden Trump   /   10:40pm Donald Trump Make it the BEST quarter EVER Trump   /   9:28pm Donald Trump Are you watching my father debate? Trump   /   9:28pm Joe Biden Are you watching? Biden   /   9:23pm Donald Trump Biden’s handlers don’t trust him Trump   /   8:20pm Donald Trump 🚨 URGENT 🚨 Trump   /   8:07pm Joe Biden Fwd: Humbly asking Biden   /   7:44pm Donald Trump Your 850%-MATCHING check Trump   /   6:52pm Donald Trump Contribution Status: MISSING Trump   /   6:07pm Donald Trump No no no. Trump   /   5:08pm Donald Trump President Trump is asking about you Trump   /   4:08pm Donald Trump TODAY Trump   /   3:08pm Joe Biden Humbly asking Biden   /   2:05pm Donald Trump Can you help President Trump? Trump   /   1:11pm Donald Trump President Trump vs. Joe Biden Trump   /   11:09am Joe Biden Become a Debate Day Donor with your first donation of $25 Biden   /   10:48am Donald Trump Contribution Status: MISSING Trump   /   9:05am Donald Trump This is a huge week Trump   /   7:09am Donald Trump I want to do something special for you Trump   /   5:08am Donald Trump STOP the Radical Democrats Trump   /   1:41am
THURSDAY, AUG 27, 2020
Donald Trump The President’s speech Trump   /   11:41pm Donald Trump Are you watching? Trump   /   10:50pm Donald Trump Your support does not go unnoticed. Trump   /   10:16pm Donald Trump A battle for the soul of our Nation Trump   /   9:16pm Donald Trump 700%-MATCH for Donald Trump   /   8:17pm Joe Biden Before Trump takes the stage Biden   /   7:38pm Donald Trump Congratulate President Trump Trump   /   6:57pm Donald Trump Our EPIC Convention Trump   /   5:32pm Joe Biden Please, we're asking you for $25 to beat Donald Trump Biden   /   4:14pm Donald Trump Invitation only for Trump’s top supporters Trump   /   4:06pm Donald Trump 2020’s hottest book Trump   /   3:07pm Donald Trump What do you think? Trump   /   2:21pm Joe Biden Asking for $25 to elect a Commander in Chief who would actually lead Biden   /   2:03pm Donald Trump This is urgent Trump   /   1:26pm Joe Biden Here's why we need a surge of donations today: Biden   /   11:22am Donald Trump Biggest Convention EVER Trump   /   11:05am Donald Trump This is a huge week Trump   /   9:03am
Donald Trump The Vice President’s speech Trump   /   11:27pm Donald Trump The President’s MASSIVE goal Trump   /   10:32pm Donald Trump Will you help me prepare? Trump   /   9:48pm Joe Biden Before Pence's speech Biden   /   9:11pm Donald Trump I support the President Trump   /   9:02pm Donald Trump The Radical Democrats won’t like what I have to say Trump   /   7:02pm Donald Trump The hero we need. Trump   /   5:02pm Joe Biden Quick update on our Beat Trump Fund goal Biden   /   4:58pm Donald Trump My father is counting on you Trump   /   2:47pm Donald Trump Campaign Strategy Call Trump   /   2:18pm Joe Biden hey I need you to read this Biden   /   2:01pm Donald Trump Have you been paying attention Fellow conservative? Trump   /   1:12pm Donald Trump We must rise to the occasion. Trump   /   12:32pm Joe Biden re: Mike Pence Biden   /   11:10am Donald Trump My father’s speech will be historic Trump   /   10:34am Donald Trump SAVE our Country Trump   /   9:33am Donald Trump Thank you. Trump   /   8:32am
TUESDAY, AUG 25, 2020
Donald Trump Donald is working hard to put America First Trump   /   11:17pm Joe Biden This is who Joe is Biden   /   10:26pm Donald Trump 📎 Convention Speech Attached Trump   /   9:48pm Donald Trump The most important Election ever Trump   /   8:02pm Joe Biden We have a problem Biden   /   6:15pm Donald Trump Make a virtual appearance Trump   /   6:07pm Donald Trump Can you imagine? Trump   /   4:02pm Donald Trump We need you to confirm something for us Trump   /   2:17pm Donald Trump Eligible for a FREE gift Trump   /   2:07pm Donald Trump What a month... Trump   /   1:17pm Joe Biden Can we send you this sticker? Biden   /   1:07pm Donald Trump It’s Patriots against Socialists Trump   /   12:32pm Donald Trump America First Update: Biden Would Stop Our Economic Recovery Trump   /   12:28pm Joe Biden nauseating Biden   /   11:19am Donald Trump Our 10-Week War Chest Trump   /   10:32am Donald Trump EXCLUSIVE OFFER Trump   /   8:40am
MONDAY, AUG 24, 2020
Donald Trump DO NOT SHARE Trump   /   11:28pm Donald Trump EPIC. Trump   /   10:17pm Joe Biden Humbly asking for $25 tonight Biden   /   8:37pm Donald Trump I’m speaking TONIGHT Trump   /   8:32pm Donald Trump Show them how UNITED we are Trump   /   6:52pm Joe Biden Joe needs another 425,000 donations before Thursday night. Will you help? Biden   /   5:48pm Donald Trump Help me MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Trump   /   4:45pm Donald Trump The movement needs Donald Trump   /   2:44pm Joe Biden One question for you Biden   /   2:42pm Joe Biden Take a look at these characters Biden   /   1:22pm Donald Trump Why don’t you support the police? Trump   /   1:09pm Donald Trump Convention Sale on my new book Trump   /   12:42pm Donald Trump My 2nd term agenda Trump   /   10:32am Donald Trump Historic GOP Convention Trump   /   8:47am
THURSDAY, AUG 20, 2020
Donald Trump Did you watch it? Trump   /   11:29pm Donald Trump Help me make a statement Trump   /   9:53pm Donald Trump NEW POLL Trump   /   8:21pm Donald Trump $10 MILLION in one day Trump   /   6:19pm Joe Biden politely asking you Biden   /   5:28pm Donald Trump The Radical Left is spreading more LIES Trump   /   4:35pm Donald Trump 75 days left, and Fellow conservative, we’re calling on you Trump   /   3:03pm Donald Trump The President is a fighter Trump   /   2:25pm Donald Trump What do you think? Trump   /   2:15pm Joe Biden Let me be clear Biden   /   1:32pm Donald Trump The Dem Convention Trump   /   12:02pm Joe Biden Reaching out before our convention ends tonight Biden   /   10:37am Donald Trump Democrats. Trump   /   10:07am
Donald Trump We, the American People Trump   /   11:02pm Donald Trump We must defend the White House Trump   /   9:32pm Donald Trump Tonight will be full of LIES Trump   /   8:21pm Joe Biden The difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump Biden   /   6:36pm Donald Trump It’s time we fight back Trump   /   6:07pm Joe Biden Before I speak tonight Biden   /   4:46pm Donald Trump NEW ITEM Trump   /   3:52pm Donald Trump Campaign Strategy Call Trump   /   2:12pm Donald Trump ANTIFA strikes again... Trump   /   2:03pm Joe Biden If you're with Kamala and me, please show it Biden   /   1:52pm Donald Trump The deal of the year Trump   /   1:52pm Donald Trump Confidential poll Trump   /   11:27am Joe Biden Before I give my convention speech, I need you to hear this Biden   /   10:49am Donald Trump This is so important Trump   /   9:32am
TUESDAY, AUG 18, 2020
Joe Biden Thanks for being an important member of the team Biden   /   11:52pm Donald Trump 500%-MATCH for Donald Trump   /   11:32pm Donald Trump The President needs you Trump   /   10:34pm Donald Trump Vote Trump 2020 Trump   /   8:48pm Donald Trump We need you to confirm something for us Trump   /   7:49pm Donald Trump Are you watching this? Trump   /   7:45pm Joe Biden I need you to step up now Biden   /   5:46pm Donald Trump SIGNED Trump Photos $10 OFF Trump   /   5:39pm Donald Trump Is Biden too scared to debate Trump? Trump   /   4:02pm Donald Trump President Trump is going LIVE from Yuma, AZ Trump   /   3:32pm Joe Biden Let me tell you something before my speech tonight Biden   /   3:05pm Donald Trump We will WIN Trump   /   1:06pm Joe Biden Joe, Jill, Kamala, Doug, Tom Hanks, James Taylor, and more Biden   /   11:49am Donald Trump SAVE THE ELECTION Trump   /   10:56am Donald Trump The President & I need your input Trump   /   9:13am Joe Biden re: Michelle Obama Biden   /   12:30am
MONDAY, AUG 17, 2020
Donald Trump $48 MILLION IN 48 HOURS Trump   /   10:53pm Donald Trump Tonight’s line up Trump   /   9:34pm Joe Biden Asking you to stand with Joe and Kamala tonight Biden   /   9:24pm Donald Trump We need to keep going Trump   /   7:02pm Donald Trump Stand with President Trump and Vice President Pence Trump   /   4:38pm Joe Biden Join me and some special guests Biden   /   4:04pm Donald Trump You deserve this, Donald Trump   /   3:10pm Donald Trump Your response is needed Trump   /   3:03pm Donald Trump Democrat Convention is starting Trump   /   1:32pm Joe Biden You’ll 💙 this new Biden-Harris shirt Biden   /   1:08pm Donald Trump Defend your Nation Trump   /   11:32am Joe Biden Please donate $5 Biden   /   10:11am Donald Trump The SOCIALIST Convention starts today Trump   /   8:57am Joe Biden Can you attend a Convention virtual watch party? Biden   /   6:17am Donald Trump Law and Order or Radical Thugs Trump   /   3:54am Donald Trump This is important Trump   /   2:38am Donald Trump Send a Message Trump   /   1:36am
TUESDAY, MAR 3, 2020
Joe Biden They don't call it Super Tuesday for nothing Biden   /   11:21pm Donald Trump RESPONSE REQUESTED Trump   /   8:39pm Joe Biden First WIN of the night is here! Pitch in now to keep the momentum going. Biden   /   7:25pm Donald Trump DEADLINE EXTENDED for ONE MORE DAY Trump   /   5:38pm Donald Trump Time is almost up! Trump   /   5:02pm Joe Biden This is it Biden   /   4:28pm Donald Trump Super Tuesday Exit Poll Trump   /   1:32pm Joe Biden Bernie Sanders Biden   /   1:08pm Joe Biden need $5 before polls close Biden   /   11:16am Donald Trump Time to head to the polls! Trump   /   10:03am Joe Biden a lot on the line today Biden   /   8:31am
MONDAY, MAR 2, 2020
Joe Biden When Democrats Stand Together, Democrats Win. Biden   /   10:51pm Joe Biden My decision to endorse Joe Biden for President Biden   /   6:58pm Donald Trump 6 HOURS LEFT, Donald Trump   /   6:10pm Donald Trump VOTE TOMORROW Trump   /   5:32pm Donald Trump I need your help Trump   /   3:30pm Joe Biden no regrets Biden   /   3:26pm Joe Biden a real shame Biden   /   12:32pm Donald Trump President Trump wants to meet you Trump   /   11:22am Joe Biden Humbly asking you Biden   /   9:09am Joe Biden Commit to vote for Joe Biden before Tuesday! Biden   /   6:06am
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