Did you hear the latest news out of Georgia? They've just disenfranchised the voters of their state by blocking anyone but Donald Trump from appearing on the ballot!

The Georgia Republican Party — led by their Chairman, Executive Director, and Executive Committee — has put their allegiance to Donald Trump over the everyday people of their state and the rank-and-file of the GOP. 

They've decided to spit in the face of their fellow Republicans so they can jump onto a sinking ship. They should be ashamed — and we need to fight back. 

I need you to do your part today, Friend. Make a donation and let's fight back for those who have had their votes taken away by cheap party hacks kowtowing to a conman — because next time, it could be your vote that's stolen.


This latest news shouldn't deter us, Friend. It should only embolden us to step up and fight, push us to work harder, and empower us to make our voices heard. 

Together, we'll overcome this corruption, because it only exposes how scared Trump and his lackeys are.

They know they're in trouble. Let's remind them why. 

Make your donation here!

Stay brave,
—Lucy Caldwell
Campaign Manager


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