Dear Patch,

People used to tell me that the presidential race revs up after Thanksgiving. I hadn't fully appreciated what that meant. 

Until now.

People in the early primary states were listening before, but they listen now with an intensity that wasn't there before. 

Over 50% of voters in Iowa say they haven't made up their mind yet who they're going to caucus for. Many, many people say to me, "You're definitely in my top two or three." And more and more are now coming up to say, "Marianne, I'm going to caucus for you."

Listen below to Julia Theisen, who along with her husband Scott is the owner of Inspire Café in Dubuque, Iowa. She perfectly articulates what many have been saying…that this is a candidacy, a message, and a politics they're been waiting for.


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Nothing could be more important than that we try….

With love,


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