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Everyone knows Dads love practical gifts.

So why not use this 25% discount code to buy your Dad or other loved ones a gift from www.GetKeySmart.com.

Discount Code: Practical25
(Sale Ends Sunday Night)

Because what is more practical than a KeySmart?

Especially one he can find if he loses it like the KeySmart Max or the KeySmart Pro?

Or how about a Magconnect?

Magconnects are an awesome way to connect your large keys that don't fit on your KeySmart.

And Magconnects are just fun to play with when you are bored.

When I am on Zoom meetings at KeySmart I am constantly playing with the magnets on the Magconnect...

So you could kind say its also like a stress ball haha

Really all of KeySmart's products are super practical gifts that any Dad will love.

So why not spend some time browsing www.GetKeySmart.com to find your Dad the perfect practical gift.

Remember... use code Practical25 to save 25%!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Andy B.
KeySmart Marketing

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